God Bless Conservapedia.

I’ve been really busy at the Clown Factory which is why I haven’t been posting much and my inbox is overflowing. Mostly with links to stories about Conservapedia’s ‘Bible Retranslation Project’. My friends were tripping over themselves to tell me about this, which is tubular as I’ve had no time for surfing lately (Also, Lara sent me this absolutely brilliant painting. Be sure to scroll over the figure

Thanks to a wordpress glitch, I lost the three paragraphs that came after the above one. (Shakes fist at wordpress.) In any case, the whistle at the Clown Factory is about to blow so I will have to recreate my pithy musings later…

My unlimited love to y’all…

4 Responses to “God Bless Conservapedia.”

  1. Heh.

    Well, you’ll love this: last night Steven Colbert asked his viewers to alter the Conservapedia Bible project to put him in it.

    Wonder where he’ll turn up.

  2. Is this Conservapedia’s project? There are a lot of folks out there trying to re-translate the Bible. The Southern Baptists are coming up with a new translation in reaction to another one. The NIV is being redone as “Today’s New International Version” Some of the ideas put forth in the TNIV translation are by some very conservative, evangelical scholars and they are pretty good. In many places, they are moving toward gender neutrality. In other places they are clarifying obscure language. It is controversial and is getting complaints from liberals and conservatives. (this is usually an indication that they are on the right track.)
    Many current Bible scholars are going back to the Hebrew and Greek instead of translating translations. If the scholarship is good, I’m all for this. But from a distance, it looks like the version the Southern Baptists are creating has an expressed political agenda; which is funny coming from a group who believes in the literal truth of the Bible.

  3. Well, let’s forget for just a moment how unsettling it is that said literalists are actually attempting to retranslate the Bible for their own political ends. And forcing Texas schoolchildren to learn about conservative icons. Because if you think about that too long a cold, cold chill will begin to creep up your spine. There’s always been a little Fascist streak in America; it’s just now being looked at a little more closely. (God help us all if these people ever attain real power.)

    But yes, Conservapedia is doing its own version. And Colbert wants his viewers to put him in it. Heh heh heh.

  4. […] Gentlemen, I concur with both of your assessments, but there is another aspect to this that is actually gratifying for me for this is essentially an admission that their political philosophy and worldview cannot be supported by their stated theology. When I saw what had become of the Gospel of Mark in their hands (consider this sample: Mark 3:6 becomes ’The Liberals then fled from the scene to plot with Herod’s people against Jesus, and plan how they might destroy him.’ ) I could not help but derive strange satisfaction from such hubristic blasphemies that do nothing but concede that the KJV and other extant translations of the Holy Bible do not support the politics of the far right wing. After years of arguing with conservatives who insisted on both the literal inerrancy of the Bible and immaculate perfection of their political ideology, it is shocking to see this sort of surrender. […]

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