Oh, come on.

17 Responses to “Realllly?”

  1. Well, the first rule is to never take anything you read about Americans on thinkprogress at face value. Thinkprogress makes a habit of twisting anything that their enemies, Americans, say or do.

  2. Of course, this is coming from someone who cheered the US losing its bid to host the Olympics. It’s really impressive to see how flexible conservatives can be when it comes to ignoring what they themselves say and do. Plus, I don’t see how these links ‘twist’ anything: there’s audio and video and transcripts in those articles. It’s hilarious how the right wing gets all bent out of shape by sites like ‘Thinkprogress’ and ‘Media Matters’ when they do little more than point out what right wingers are actually saying…

    Incidentally, I’m happy Chicago didn’t get the Olympics, but that’s because I live here and don’t want my city wrecked…

  3. Hmmm…

    So does that mean that there are, in fact, no right-wing groups encouraging violent revolution? No pundits literally calling for blood? Nobody showing up to Presidential events wearing guns? And no one calling those with whom they disagree the enemies of America?

    I’m glad it was all my imagination. Thank you for putting my anxieties to rest.

  4. Hey Prof!
    Good morning!

  5. Hey Winston!

    Weird, weird week. Head still spinning. Will explain further once it’s sorted out.

  6. No, I didn’t cheer Obama’s most recent defeat. I merely pointed out that the defeat had happened and that he seems to have been the cause since it had been going well before his arrival.

  7. It’s difficult to parse out the subtleties of your pithy observations when they consist of paraphrasing the President of the United States into ebonics. In any case, your characterization of what happened in Copenhagen is deeply flawed by your provincial blinders and ignorance of the internal politics of the IOC-Chicago never had a chance, much like New York never had a chance for the 2012 games. In any case, as I said, I’m glad they’re not going to be here.
    Also, your characterization of Chicago is hilarious. Are you Amish or what?

  8. Yeah, but was an accurate paraphrasing of Obama’s speech – with all of it’s focus on himself, Chicago’s “diversity,” and the implied beneift of his being the First Black President.

  9. Obama likes to talk about himself, alot.

  10. Yes he does, Huck. It worked for him with the Liberals, who were enamored of the idea of a Black POTUS. It as served him less well in a more “diverse” arena such as the world’s stage.

  11. I notice conservatives like to talk about him alot, too.

  12. …and nincompoops.

  13. Lily-
    Wouldn’t that be ninCONpoops, right?

    God, that was lame…

  14. Te he he he!

  15. I believe Chicago lost for a lot of reasons – including that 49% of Chicagoans did not want it. It also had a lot to do with the internal politics of the Olympic Committee. There is still a longstanding feud with the USOC which pundits believe had a siginificant impact on the voting.

    Come on guys – read a little. Obama is not perfect but his talking about himself is not behind global warming either. Ugh.

  16. Lara-
    Oh, you and your voice of reason…

  17. Its all this east coast pragmatism

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