What the False Witness Bears

A US Census worker is found dead in rural Kentucky with the word ‘fed’ scrawled on his chest and Dan Riehl, a prominent right wing blogger, speculates that the victim may have been a child predator. He claims his theory spins from pondering why Bill Sparkman had been stripped and bound by his murderers but he makes the big connection based on a statement by the victim’s mother, which indicates how Dan Riehl’s mind works; in his world, mothers give hints to reporters as to the reasons they think their children deserved to be tortured and murdered. That this the words he is parsing are those of a woman who had just been told her son’s body had best be cremated is of no consequence to Dan Riehl, that all American bullet headed teabagging douchebag extraordinaire, who is brave enough to twist a grieving mother’s words to accuse the victim of a lynching of being a pedophile in order to make a partisain point. What does it say about people like Michelle Bachmann that their apologists must risk their mortal souls?

Riehl seems baffled by the crime scene which only demonstrates his ignorance of American history; the ghoulish display made of Mr. Sparkman’s body is all too familar to anyone who knows what the word ‘lynch’ actually means. This is what happens when people spread lies and rumors to stir up old hatreds. None of it is surprising or new, after all, sin is as old as sin; still, one always hopes. What Dan Riehl has done with his right to free speech is to make what he says so cheap as to be worthless.

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