A Glorious Dawn

This is the antidote to the nonsense…

5 Responses to “A Glorious Dawn”

  1. Brilliant.

  2. Innit, though? It made my day.

  3. “A still more glorious dawn awaits, not a sunburst but a galaxy burst. A morning filled with 400 billion suns and the rising of the Milky Way!”


    I think this piece seals it. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking are my favorite Theologians!

    • Got one just like it. (Mine is darker brown though) J-Crew. Elbow patches and all. My friends tell me I look like an English Professor. Maybe if you get one your friends will tell you that you look like a chaplain! 😉

  4. Also…in case I hadn’t mentioned it…I absolutely love Sagan’s blazer in the apple pie scene. I WANT THAT.

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