Hey, you.

Happy birthday! Of course I remembered, I just haven’t been near a computer all day, but you were with me as I traveled along throughout the world. You’re not the only one, of course, but you had primacy among the multitude dwelling with me in my skull. I suppose I could have and should have called, but you should soon see why I probably didn’t. But this is for you and L and D, too.

I lost a filling this morning while I was flossing. It bounced off the mirror with a surreal clink that startled me into catching  the big gold nugget before it tumbled into the sink. It had erupted from the crater of the molar that my dentist is more personally attached to than I am as he has gone to absurdly heroic lengths to ensure that this tooth remains throbbing in my jaw. I put it in an empty pill bottle and drove to work.

Julia has a job! I drop her off in the morning and pick her up on the way home. It’s a legit phone thing where she sets appointments for sales agents and her personality is serving her well. She’s making a decent buck and will soon be able to get a car and back into classes. She’s been at it for a few months and is getting the swing of it. Her brother got her the job and she’s been working hard. I’m very proud of her. Our relationship isn’t exactly simple but it’s been good for both of us. It’s actually gone as well as I ever could have imagined it could.

Seriously. I mean, she was a stripper who was practically half my age. It really did not bode well for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which was how depressed and self-destructive I was feeling when I got together with her. That’s not really the kind of sentence that usually leads to ‘and then everything turned out awesome.’ Yet the adventures we have had always rewarded more than we risked regardless of how weird things got. We’ve had tremendous fun and she teaches me patience. I’m antsy for her to move out and I don’t want her to leave at the same time. Relationships are fun!

I called the dentists’ office from work and they told me to come in after one and they would fit me in. I hated leaving early but I was grateful to get in. Rejamming the hunk of metal delicately into my exposed tender tooth was as festive as it sounds. The throbbing has started to subside, but that may be because I can barely keep my head up. I am exhausted, darling, but I still hope you had a far better day than me. 


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