The Teahouse has no goal

Huck writes: “… what I’m uncertain of is the overall intent of your blog. What is the goal of the Teahouse?

I think the ‘about‘ page answers this question but I am happy to expand my explanation.

I will not know the goal of this blog until it is achieved, and then I will be certain of what it was. I don’t have an agenda other than expression of my agenda through the keyboard. Here is where I respond to the world at large. Politically and philosophically speaking I am a progressive pragmatist with a dislike for ideological blinders on either side of my vision. I particularly enjoy discussion with conservatives as I am not stimulated by complimentary agreement. I also write absurd fan fiction and doggerel here, in addition to pronouncements on various theological and philosophical matters. If it seems like I’m writing about race a lot, perhaps that’s because it’s what is being talked about in the culture at large. You seem to be agitated that I call out race baiting when I see it. I recommend not reading things that agitate you.

‘This will simply cost too much’ is not a rational argument against fixing a health care system that is part of the reason Americans are going bankrupt. It’s simply a dodge to try and maintain the status quo, which is the tactic that brought us to the current situation and therefore is an unacceptably irresponsible option.

  Conflating the Patriot Act and a public plan for health care is beyond apples and oranges, it’s more like coconuts and hand grenades. I was concerned about Bush defense spending because I was concerned that it was throwing money away on a dangerous folly which, even if it had succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, would still have produced no tangile benefit seriously commeasurate with it’s cost. A public option that ends up covering nearly the entire US populace is an investment in the greatest asset of the nation, which is it’s people.

As long as we have elections and an informed electorate we will not have despotism; that the ‘Imperial’ Presidency of George W Bush passed peaceably into the hands of Barack Hussein Obama should be evidence of this. Every Administration is accused of making power grabs, but that is the nature of the struggle between the Executive and the Legislative branches. Rest assured that should this Administration fail the conservatives will occupy the halls of power again; even if he should succeed marvelously that means they will only have to wait a little longer before this should happen in the due course of time. Change is inevitable.

6 Responses to “The Teahouse has no goal”

  1. I agree. I found Huck comparing defense spending to healthcare spending very odd.

  2. It’s as good as any argument coming from a conservative these days.

  3. you got that right! When you don’t have a good argument make one up, twist words, personally attack the other side, etc. etc.

    I love reading your blog and I love that I never know what I’ll get on any given day.

  4. That is fucking awful but not at all surprising. Dan Riehl is a creep.

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