The Infinite Glorious Triumph of Barack Obama Is Radiating Throughout The Universe To Gladden The Hearts of All Sentient Beings

Maybe Bush wasn’t a total cretin after all. Or not.
President Obama hates black people. (I stole that line from a friend on FB. Thanx, Schmeerelyn!)
David Byrne writes about cities. David Byrne seems like a really interesting and smart fellow. I have always respected his work even when I wasn’t enjoying it. Although I almost always enjoyed it.
Ayn Rand has your infantile self-absorbtion right here. More on Ayn Rand.
I used to date a woman who was really into Ayn Rand. I was really into being human so it just wasn’t going to work…

I’v had the flu for three or four days now. I’m beat. I hate being sick. Went back to work today where I thought of the title for this blog post and just had to throw something together. That means this going to be pretty random and scattershot, but I promise to try to find a theme that justifies the magnificent title of this post.

Troy Dale West is a cowardly slime bag. That he is walking around free this evening is a travesty. I won’t blame any of the irresponsible assholes running around shrieking venemous nonsense at the top of their lungs for this.  What this man did was psychotic; his delusional self-justification for his behavior (he claims  Miss Hill ‘spit on him’) is enough evidence for Dr Slappy to make the diagnosis. I don’t blame his actions on anyone but him.

But this is how it goes. I can taste the tachyonic crazy buzzing through the ether. There’s apparently video of this incident, and from the descriptions the police give it is graphic in detail. Inevitably this video will circulate widely. There will be the giant redneck hillbilly sucker punching and kicking an American soldier bloody in front of her tiny wailing  and trembling daughter and then the ugliness can really get started.

Racial crazy is the worst kind of crazy humans have discovered yet. I am not an advocate of everyone being forced to hold hands and sing harmonious declarations of brotherhood and joyous deference to the authority of our Glorious Leader; truly, I am not. But neither do I think it’s good for us to stoke ourselves up with lies and fictional resentments against our brethren; in fact, it’s a sin. There are reasons why it’s a bad idea to lie about our neighbors and the Samaritains and Philistines travelling amongst us and there are reasons why it’s bad to lie about Caesar, too. Polite lies and ugly truths can smooth or ruffle, but ugly lies will lead to a scuffle. I’m so sorry for that. I couldn’t resist. I was feeling a rhythm. It’s not that I don’t take this story seriously but that it unnerves that I feel like making stupid little jokes rather than say what I’m thinking. What happened to Tasha Hill and her daughter may drift off the news cycle for a few moments but it will be back. This story is not over and that is not a good thing the way gasoline in a fire extinguisher is a bad thing. However, this does mean that the title of today’s blog post may be my most ironicalist yet. Deeply frakking eerie.

2 Responses to “The Infinite Glorious Triumph of Barack Obama Is Radiating Throughout The Universe To Gladden The Hearts of All Sentient Beings”

  1. The triumph of Barack Obama isn’t entirely of his own doing. I would like to point out that Barack Obama overcame adversity only thanks to the rightful civil disobedience of leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and other civil rights champions. All of these leaders answered the call and went toe to toe with a culture of pure oppression. These are the leaders that faced the totality of discrimination in it’s most brutal of forms. I do not write this to discredit our president from his own personal struggles against racial discrimination, but I have an important question for you Winston.

    I’m fully aware of your disdain of racial hatred Winston. I understand that you abhor racial discrimination. But what I’m uncertain of is the overall intent of your blog. What is the goal of the Teahouse?

    If I were to make a brief observation of what I’ve seen in the few short months I’ve visited, the goal would be to defame opposition towards our president, and to link disconcerting views to an ideology of racial hatred. Anyone can play the race card for modest gains, but where are the facts?

    If you protested the Patriot act, how can you support a public option for health care? If you were concerned about Bush’s defense spending, how can you support the spending that this health care plan will require. Is it a racial issue for me to say “This will simply cost us too much”? Should you believe that budget cuts to our current government health care plans will cover 40 some million more Americans without additional costs, you aren’t adding the numbers up.

    The agenda our President is proposing is another breakthrough grasp of power by our federal government, much like the USA Patriot Act of 2001. Regardless of our President’s own personal intentions, and your own personal affections towards him, this proposed consolidated power base leaves the door open for subsequent power grabs. It will also further the trend of making our country more susceptible to being overtaken by despots who will ultimately force us in to an oligarchy of immense proportions.

    The doors are being swung open one by one, and the media is still making political talking points out of hate crimes. Hate crimes which have been occurring over the entire of history of our country, and will continue to happen so long as people without compassion can distinguish one color from another. It’s time to focus on the bigger picture here.

  2. Huck,

    Sir Winston can defend himself as to the purpose and ethos of this website–suffice it to say it’s changed quite a bit over the years from when it started–as an e-mail list sent out to friends wherein he pontificated (rather humorously) about whatever subject popped into his head. And he had an evil money sidekick named Pumpernickel. I miss Pumpernickel.

    However, what you seem to be fearing here is a “power grab” by the U.S. government. Fair enough. As we’ve discussed before, any expansion of governmental authority ought to be examined carefully–if it eliminates freedom and choice it should go; if it promotes it, it should stay. But there are times when the free market, or the authority of the states, has gotten way, way out of hand and the only thing protecting us IS governmental intervention. Case in point: voting rights for Southern blacks. Segregation. The FDA and that which it seeks to regulate. Environmental protection. I would argue that health insurance has now fallen into that same category.

    Bear in mind here that, aside from the much argued-over public option (projected to serve abut 5% of the population), there IS no universal, government-run system of health care on the table. Single-payer was never part of the equation. That being said, seven corporations now control 90% of the health insurance in this country. In some states single companies have huge monopolies. And we never had a choice about it. (Nor our power company, nor our cable TV company, who hold legal monopolies in our areas.)

    And then, of course, there’s the “liberal” media. Three huge companies (Viacom, NBC-Universal, and News Corp.) control the vast majority of mainstream media programming. On the radio it’s only two (one of which, ClearChannel, featured pro-Bush rants at 3:30 p.m. daily for years).

    So if you’re worried about an oligarchy, you don’t really have far to look. You already live in one. It’s just that those oligarchs aren’t answerable to voters. And if it takes a little governmental intervention to break that up a bit, I’m all for that.

    And, incidentally, this liberal thinks Baucus’s current Senate bill absolutely sucks–it mandates private coverage and, to make matters worse, instead of eliminating insurance-company abuses, actually seems to encourage them.

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