Patriot Daze

Joe Wilson is your preexisting condition

This is the petition that got Glenn Beck so worked up. It should be noted that many families of victims signed that petition, which is probably what got the Beckster so hot under the collar. After all, we should all remember that he hates family members of 9/11 victims who ask questions. Glenn Greenwald has an excellent post covering this whole topic a million times better than I ever could. HTML Menken has an even sharper take on the absured double standards of our allegedly¬†‘liberal’ media.
But then there’s this- there’s no need to watch the whole thing, just go to 2:30 and watch what ol’ Hank does when he sings about ‘my beautiful people’. It’s very subtle. NOT.

Conservative white people: it’s when you cheer for that sort of bullshit that makes people like me call ‘racist’ on people like you. It also is the reason that I laugh a bitter little laugh when you insist that the deranged attacks on Obama have nothing to do with race.

5 Responses to “Patriot Daze”

  1. Opposition to vast expansion of the Federal Government, the trampling of state’s rights, levying an unsustainable energy tax on Americans who already can’t afford to pay their heating bills, all comes back to Hank Williams Jr?

    Give me a break. If you believe our opinions are influenced by this entertainer you are dead wrong

  2. Huck,
    I don’t quite understand your point.

  3. My point is that Hank Williams Jr’s opinions are not an accurate representation of the average American who is opposed to current political direction.

  4. Huck,
    You may assert that, but the audience clearly cheered Williams when he did his little ‘white power’ shout-out. I find it is best to speak only for oneself and leave the broad assertions about the masses to the masses.

  5. You clearly called out the entirety of Conservative white people in your post. I’m playing in your ball court.

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