nine nine oh nine

Damn, but it was a long day. I’m beat. I went outside to find someone had brushed by my car in the night, scratching the fenders. Julia and I had a spat on the way home but made up spectacularly. I watched the speech with the Mayweathers and we were much amused by the absurd spectacle of classless Republican boorishness and generally inspired by the President even while we grumbled about the things we liberals usually like to grumble about. I just returned from a Vonnegutesque  misadventure trying to pick up Julia’s replacement phone (for the one she dropped in the toilet on Friday night, but that’s another story) from UPS. I will say this about UPS however; their customer service location is well hidden. Then, when I got home I noticed this news item which only made me hang my head much like Vice President Biden did this evening.  

Here’s the guy who is running against the clown who shouted ‘you lie!’ at the President. If you can spare a dime, give it to him.
The text of the President’s speech.

3 Responses to “nine nine oh nine”

  1. Clarence Conner Says:

    Where was this outrage when the tables were reversed?…h? v=Up2ySBv5OX0…h? v=7lTUB5_l0Mg

    A wee bit hypocritical, don’t ya think?

  2. Sorry dude, your links don’t work so I don’t know what you’re talking about. If it’s a clip of Code Pink being rude that’s not the equivalent of a Congressman baselessly accusing the President of being a liar while addressing Congress. Please elaborate.

  3. Hey–I watched it. Very crass reaction from several Republicans. (And yes, I know this is actually tame compared to the UK, where they routinely heckle the PM, or Hong King, where they routinely beat the crap out of each other.)

    Like him or no, Barack Obama is one of the best orators in the world; watching him give a speech is like watching Ali box or Jordan play basketball.

    Content-wise: I really do hope the public option stays on the table, even if it’s just a stop-gap for those who’ve lost their jobs or whose coverage has been cancelled. What is NOT negotiable to me, in any sense, is being rid of those preexisting condition clauses forever, and banning companies from canceling your coverage when you get sick. (How low can one get?)

    But I loved the tone toward his opposition.

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