The Perils of Believing Your Own Bullshit.

Summing up.

I suppose that when you start to truly believe that the President of the United States is a foreign born secret Muslim Communist then every day is Anything Can Happen Day. Or maybe it’s just that when the President of the United States is a mixed race man with the middle name of ‘Hussein’ it seems like anything really is possible. While it may be so that nothing is too wonderful to be true neither is anyone too stupid to be real. It’s like the Frank Burns character from ‘MASH’ has a talk show or something. I mean, really, we’re into ‘flurodation is a Commie plot’ territory here…

6 Responses to “The Perils of Believing Your Own Bullshit.”

  1. When you appoint an official with the track record of Van Jones you can’t expect people to not be wary. But to be fair the media jumped on that to feed the fires of negative stereotypes and play on American’s fears, as your links suggest. I just feel like we have so many people talking and no one is telling the truth here.

  2. Sir Winston,

    In regard to that last little link there…I no longer feel comfortable making fun of Glenn Beck. What we’ve seen from him on the air recently is pretty strong evidence that he’s got some form of schizophrenia–deconstructing the art on Rockafeller Center, doing those anagrams on the air, being convinced that the Obama administration and FEMA are going to put conservatives in concentration camps…he’s in need of help (though, ironically, he views schizophrenia as a bogus diagnosis…hmmm). Sadly, since he’s entertaining and getting high ratings, FOX is ghoulishly exploiting this man’s breakdown.

  3. Hmmmm. He’s a performer who is making an absurd amount of money for playing the fool. It seems to me that he’s just regurgitating and reinforcing conspiratorial right wing rumors. When a man’s paycheck requires him to believe crazy things it is very difficult to get him to behave rationally. To do otherwise would be insane.

  4. Winston,

    If you said that about, say, Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity I’d probably believe you. They seem at heart to be playing roles anc cynically benefitting from stoking people’s hatred and fear. They, along with Rush Limbaugh, are smart people playing off stupid people. Beck…is different. Previous to this, when he was on CNBC, I simply thought he was the stupidest man I’d ever seen on TV. (He was just as paranoid then.) But Aurora and I have watched him a few times, and he truly seems to be nuts–watching his most recent diatribes, Aurora was eerily reminded of her schizophrenic brother, who used to see patterns in newspaper headlines and thought Catholic hymns were meant to hypnotize people. I’ve read that Beck is a former addict and that the drugs (and kicking them) have left him with an emotional imbalance–I dunno. But watching him is really, really unsettling now.

  5. I think Republicans need to distance themselves from this type of imagery, and Fox in general. Everyone views Fox as the Republican news, so when they let Beck parade around up there for ratings the Republicans look bad.

    It’s already been made clear that our current administration is much more left of center than many anticipated. The town hall backlash, along with the tea parties (regardless of their origin) provide sufficient evidence that there are more unhappy folks than there is Astro-turf. So if the Republicans want to make a stand on anything it should be on defining the role of government’s involvement with it’s citizens, and if they want to be taken seriously they need to back away from Fox News. Most importantly they need to seperate themselves from personalities like Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and their old heroes of neo-conservatism. The people have already said “No more.” to their self-serving style of government.

    If only someone could unite the moderates and the independents, who’s numbers have been growing, and who haven’t had a solid presidential candidate to vote for since beyond recollection. Right now I don’t see the Republicans doing any of these things.

    “The Outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Mudville nine that day:
    The score stood four to two, with but one inning more to play”
    -Ernest Thayer

  6. Actually, Huck, I was rather hoping Obama would be slightly MORE left-of-center, since his attempts at bipartisanship are not getting anywhere.

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