May Mary Jo Kopechne finally rest in peace

If Mary Jo Kopechne has not forgiven Ted Kennedy, at least they can now discuss it from the same side of the veil. It’s clear Ted Kennedy believed in redemption and I hope he has found his. He certainly struggled with it here on Earth. But we all do.

Thinking about Ted I am reminded of myself struggling to find balance and I feel a powerful brotherhood with him. At the same time I feel a removed awe considering his life; he was one of the most powerful Americans during an era of unbounded American power. He was like a contemporary Pompey or Crassus; I heard the news of his death while traveling on a highway named for his brother, after all. Yet he was dedicated to the common person with a fierce sincerity.

My family is full of cops, firemen, and teachers as well as a few nuns and priests. I sung ‘Working Class Hero’ a capella in a bar for my grandfather after he died. He was the man who told me that if you wanted live like a Republican you should always vote for a Democrat. My other grandfather was an Irish Catholic union man and voted several times for Jack Kennedy in 1960.


My laptop has been possessed by a demon. Hopefully Mr Mayweather can fix it. Pray for my TVC-15…

2 Responses to “May Mary Jo Kopechne finally rest in peace”

  1. I rarely wear my emotions on my sleeve, but when his son told the story about conquering the icy hill, and overcoming his disability with his father I lost it.

    I agreed wholly with the welfare reform, but there were many things that Senator Kennedy and I would have disagreed on. Regardless it is so rare to have a politician that is dependable, and who’s views can be counted on like the Senator’s. I’ve said before that compromise is the essence of Democracy, and this man was a true master of compromise and good lawmaking.

    We’ve lost a great senator, and human being. God bless America.

  2. And god bless Senator Kennedy… forgot that at the end, being rushed by my wife out the door to a birthday party.

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