Notes on the Proud Right Wing Terrorist

What to say? This self-described ‘proud right wing terrorist’ claims that his family came over on the Mayflower and that even though the first winter was rough, they didn’t ‘have their hands out’. (Probably because they were stealing the corn stores and robbing the graves of the natives)(Incidentally, I don’t hold that against them or anything, I just think it’s not healthy to mythologize history. Keep it real.) For him to say what made this country so great is that ‘we earn what we are entitled to’ is an irony from the heart of darkness itself. But for US Congressman Wally Herger (R-CA 2nd district) to say ‘Amen’ and call this ignoramus a ‘great American’ is too pathetic to even comment on other than to call for his resignation.

5 Responses to “Notes on the Proud Right Wing Terrorist”

  1. O’ Great Winstoni…

    Sadly, this is what happened to the GOP–most of the moderates in the party got kicked out in these last two election cycles, and the ones who remain are from districts who would never vote for the demuhcrat party if one held a gun to their heads. And their base is like the proud right-wing terr’rist (they had a great time screening questions for the CNN/YouTube Republican debate last year–McCain had a great fear it would expose the far-right wing).

    Right now, in the House (and some Senate seats) the primaries are more important than the general elections. If the “real” GOP voters want to take their party back from the nutjobs, that’d be where it needs to happen.

  2. As a curious fourteen year old I read the Tao Te Ching. It’s subtle insights revealed that this struggle has persisted amongst the human race across the ages. Our own intelligence has nearly denied us the ability to apply the balance of nature to our lives. Laziness permits us to polarize. To balance on the tightrope that divides our most extreme thoughts takes discipline, and effort, two things that the most common among us lack.

    I try not to let extremists raise my blood pressure. It’s surprisingly fulfilling to sit back and chuckle as it all goes down.

  3. I no longer chuckle when there’s a very real danger someone will get killed.

  4. Right on, Prof. It ain’t very funny at all.

  5. If anyone is actually, god forbid, planning on killing someone in an effort to change our current political situation they need to understand that that is the worst possible thing they could do. Not only for humanitarian reasons, but it would cause such an outcry they can kiss the second amendment, amongst other things, goodbye for everyone that justly owns firearms for hunting, recreation, and self defense.

    I find humor in these things as a means of coping with the extremism I’ve seen from both sides of our political spectrum lately. I still pray every day that our country will come to it’s senses before it’s too late.

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