Sunday morning papers.

Oops. I thought I posted this yesterday…

Clarence Page gets it right.

Naturally, I’ve finally decided I’m ready for a gallery show.

 This is a really great show, actually. And yes, I know all about it.

It boggles my mind that this is an issue. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

Julia is out of town for the weekend, and I am loving it. We spent last week

5 Responses to “Sunday morning papers.”

  1. I Have seen first hand, with different kids over a number of years what animals can do with autistic kids. It is amazing to see a kid who has no ability to relate to others suddenly start petting and “talking” to a horse. I understand that the law is always slow to adapt and that the school district has a responsibility to its other students, but if kids are afraid of dogs, a service animal is perfect for helping them get over the irrational part of that fear. Most places already allow service animals for people with epilepsy and other diseases of the brain. If this goes to trial, all the attorney for the family needs to do is to show the kids behaviour with and without the animal. That will be powerful testimony.

    BTW, Chewey? what an awesome name for a dog!!!

  2. It only makes sense…
    It’s crazy how with just a little bit of rational compassion something like heaven could come to be…

  3. spent last week… ??? cliffhanger – damn!

    My very good friend Lindsey’s two dogs are names Chewy & Yeti.
    Yep. Adorable and small.

  4. -end up in the Great North Woods. Sorry about that. I’ll write more about that soon. I must have gotten really distracted.

  5. I cannot disagree with allowing disabled people the tools they need to live their lives, if provisions have not already been made then they should be. Obviously this public school is the only place of education available for these young people. Where do you draw the line with utilitarianism?

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