An open letter to American Conservatives.

The above video is from a town hall meeting in Las Vegas. Conservatives have not been shy about using Nazi imagery and accusations lately.
My conservative friends,
Watch the lady in the above video. You can’t buy that kind of class in a store, but maybe you can learn it at home school. I’m not sure where it comes from, but it sure is ugly as hell. So is bringing firearms to political rallies. While you have spent much energy in the past years and months trying to forge links between President Obama and the worst excesses of 60’s liberal extremism, you have stirred up the most dangerously unstable radicals of the right, encouraging incivility and bearing false witness.

I support the second amendment and believe it is essential to American freedom. I spent last weekend deep in hunting country in a cabin filled with firearms and enjoyed myself very much. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to involve guns in political debate. For all of the squawking about the Weather Underground, the truth is that it is the American right wing that has a problem with mixing politics and violence

You demanded that Americans let Bush do whatever he liked. You insisted the Iraq War would cost a billion dollars and be finished in months. You were certain there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You argued there was no such thing as global climate change. You refused to allow study of human stem cells. Now you claim the President is a Kenyan born socialist who wants to enact a Nazi-esque euthanasia program. Do you see why it is so difficult for me to take your arguments seriously? I do take threats seriously, however, and the crazy gestures coming from your side of the aisle are clear in meaning.

My fellow citizens, I urge you to take a deep breath and listen. We have heard your various anxious fears and fearful anxieties shouted in thorough detail.  Now, while we are at the brink let us turn back to rational dicourse before it is too late.
Winston Delgado

5 Responses to “An open letter to American Conservatives.”

  1. I was trying to think of a thought-provoking response to this and halfway through my first rationalization I decided to stop and listen to Emerson Lake and Palmer instead. While I was listening I thought of this:

    America is changing and we are first-hand witnesses. I can only place my faith in god now that the best possible course for our country is taken by the people that work to make it great. People like you and I, who wish nothing more than to see the citizens of America prosper. The hateful among us have selfishly rationalized their behavior on the false pretense that their actions are promoting a healthier America.

    It’s easy to get infuriated by these nuts but I’ve come to a blissful juncture. There are many things you and I disagree on Winston but we find a common ground in our disdain of hatred. There has to be a common ground that all Americans can stand on.

    It’s alot easier for folks to shout “Death Panel” than to stop for a moment to make a decision and decide how they -really- feel about something. That is the human variable, there are people being whipped into a frenzy on each side of the argument.

    If we were to cast aside names and get to the heart of things this whole debate would be infinitely more sane. But that is not the way of people. We place names on things as a method of control over our environment. Because we have nomenclature such as “republican, democrat, conservative, liberal” we have so many people supporting or opposing on those grounds alone. In the meantime we have a dedicated few that are well versed in the methods of crowd control and mob mentality, who are tugging the puppet strings to great effect. Obviously I’m not accusing you of blindly supporting or opposing anything, just trying to make sense of all the insanity.

    I was going to close by saying how refreshing it was to see Americans participating in their Democracy but after the things I’ve seen it’s safer to say that the folks who are normally mesmerized by their television are simply off their couch and shouting at each other at town hall meetings. Their surroundings have changed, but they’re still mesmerized.

  2. Sorry for the long post.

    Lots to think about these days.

  3. Huck,
    I’m sorry I’ve left your thoughtful comments hanging for so long, but it’s been a busy week. I really couldn’t agree more with the sentiments you express here, especially the last paragraph. If one is going to shriek ignorant inflammatory nonsense, it’s best done in the privacy of one’s home to the television screen rather than at a congressman. People who start making crazy threats need to be treated like people making crazy threats rather than insightful sages. Thank you for your comments.

  4. Gents,

    Indeed you are both correct; the discourse needs to be raised back up again. And in a few days I’ll take twenty young people and try to teach them to do just that.

    But really–I’ve been watching the news like everyone else, and I’m having a hard time believing this is happening in my country. Intellectually, I know it’s been far uglier at different points in our history, but this is way beyond my experience. I’m curious about the education level of some of these folks–some, no doubt, do not have the capacity to think critically about information (i.e. that no one in his right mind would suggest euthanasia panels). Some are probably mentally ill. It’s the intelligent, sane ones who worry me–those who are perfectly willing to play along, to stir up the less-educated and less-informed into something approaching violence.

    These are interesting times. But yesterday I woke up and felt like maybe it was starting to ebb, that we’ll get through it. Today the feeling is still there. May it linger.

  5. I understand your concern that some of the noise is being made by those who are seemingly lacking education. It doesn’t, however, mean their opinions are any less valuable, this is America after all. But it is hard to believe that every single person is thinking on their own behalf.

    There is a deep philosophical divide between myself and those that are calling the shots right now. My conclusions have been drawn after much introversion and reflection, as I believe those of us that are actually talking have done. Unfortunately some folks are simply following because they’re being riled up by the “intelligent, sane ones”. This goes for both camps, but the majority of it seems to be on the side of the argument I favor. Accusing people who have legitimate concerns of being “Astro turf” is simply offensive, but it does appear there are more forces are at work here.

    The school of manipulation is frequented by lawmakers and the media alike.

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