Neither Have You Tasted My Jesus

Kenny, enjoy:

8 Responses to “Neither Have You Tasted My Jesus”

  1. The Prof Says:


    Only a Sith thinks in absolutes.

  2. Absolutes generate paradoxes which can only be resolved by the removal of the absolute.

  3. the look on her face after the ‘neither have you tasted my jesus’ is just the best look of absolute triumph ever.

  4. The ‘false god’ slays me.

  5. I want to taste Jesus. Hope he tastes like vanilla.

  6. The Prof Says:

    Also–and I may be missing something here–wasn’t the world already here when Jesus was born?

    Maybe I’m thinking too deeply about this. Time to go to bed.

  7. I myself prefer Chocolate Jesus. Grape Jesus is also a classic.

  8. Holy hell that chic is insane

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