Curiouser & curiouser (Independence Days in the Life)

Interesting speculation.
More interesting speculation.
And what Joan says about the incredibly weird letter Palin’s lawyer released to ‘the media’.
Palin’s FB post further deepens the weirdness.

I suppose the thing that bothers me the most about Sarah Palin is how thin-skinned she is while demanding everyone scrutinize her. I understand that it’s very pleasant to have people tell you how pretty and smart and annointed by God you are, but to demand it from everyone around you to the exclusion of everything else is at the very least rude. To quit your job as Governor and have your lawyer send letters making crazy threats because the world will not unanimously acknowledge your inherent awesomeness are symptoms of a fevered ego run amok.

I think the most confusing thing about her reasoning was her lame duck ‘argument’. An office holder doesn’t become a lame duck until their replacement is elected. She wouldn’t have been a lame duck just because she wasn’t seeking a second term. It really doesn’t make any sense. None of the reasons she gave made any sense or were even actually rooted in real fact. It had a ‘you won’t have me to kick around’ feel to it while still seeming to cast a coy eye on future aspirations.

This is why I think that she only discussed this decision with a handful of incredibly uniformed people. She doesn’t understand the basic principles of the political machine she’s seeking to run, and that is what is most dangerous about her. She is tremendously ambitious and has powerful personal charisma without the restraint to wield it responsibly. She is a populist in the mold of George W Bush who is savvier in the ways of the 21st Century while simultaneously being tremendously naive. I wish that the rumors that she’s really just going to drop out of politics entirely were true and that she could be dismissed entirely. I doubt it, however.       

It’s actually just hard for me to believe that she really is as flaky as her behavior indicates. Actually it’s not, but it’s hard for me to believe that our standards have slipped so far that she’s gotten as far as she has. Actually, it’s not that hard for me to believe it at all; I have observed the last twenty five or so years of American politics as it unfolded and creatures like Sarah Palin seems inevitable in retrospect.

Had an extraordinary several past several days with much to think about and reflect upon. Arcs closing and opening, epochs passing in the foggy night, a dinosaur makes eye contact with a mammal; Saturday in the Park on the Fourth of July.  Connecting stories across calendars under a full moon, evoking my pantheon, I learned a new tale of Kenny among other things. Can you dig it?

6 Responses to “Curiouser & curiouser (Independence Days in the Life)”

  1. A new tale of Kenny? What did I do now?

  2. Happy 4th btw ‘Mericuns.

    x x

  3. Soon to be Ex-Governor Palin’s motives can be summed up in one word: Money. After all, money is what is required for a run for any elected office. I think she may run in 2012 but I think she has become unelectable. But in any event, she needs money to pay off her legal bills. The $2 million advance she got on her memoirs (which she won’t even write) will take care of that, but she stands to make much more on a book tour which would be impossible to do if she was governor.

    I hope this rambling comment does justice to Palin’s ramblings…

  4. The Prof Says:


    You are correct, sir. Unless there’s some serious scandal/horrible administration-busting crisis, she IS unelectable now–but the current Republican base doesn’t really care about that at the moment. They’re more into ideological purity as opposed to electability.

    As for her plans…elected officials do book tours all the time. They just do it marathon-style during breaks in legislative sessions. I suppose she might be doing the Reagan-style thing of going on listening tours, but (despite what I may think of Reagan) he also took time to bone up on domestic and foreign-policy issues. Yeah, his conclusions were…interesting at best, but at least he made an effort. I doubt she will. If she does the cross-country thing, she’ll be doing it to be admired and to raise money for a run at the nomination.

    Sarah Palin exhibits some textbook signs of malignant narcissism. But those people are easily defeated–they can dish it out (remember her speech at the convention?), but they sure as hell can’t take it. Tina Fey proved that. Now she’s threatening to sue anyone who airs/prints/posts speculation as to why she’s really resigning–attempting to impose “message control” on, well, everyone. I can only imagine what she’d do along those lines if actually elected to national office.

    Crazy-town has a new mayor.

    • ‘Crazy-town has a new mayor.’

      Heh. Good one.

      Yeah, I agree with pretty much everything here… it’s just…
      (cue ‘Carmina Burana’)
      …let’s say that despite Obama’s best efforts things just keep getting worse. Let’s imagine that the Dems take their eye off the ball and things start to really spin out. That’s when she’ll reappear. Can’t you hear her campaign slogan?
      ‘I told ya so!’
      Then, at what is presumably an already desperate time for tje Republic, it will be led by a narcisstic emptyhead with no actual ideas of how to govern other than to bully people into doing what she says and no concept of restraint. Instead of Big Brother, she’ll be Big Momma, and she would do it with a wink empty of irony.

      I wake up in a cold sweat after that part…

      The Moon was full and the fireworks were goregous!

  5. The Prof Says:

    Winston et al…

    Hmmm…well, we’ve been there once before. I was going to say we survived it. But now I don’t think I will, since, you know, we almost didn’t.

    I guess I look at it this way–our culture and electoral system being what they are, sooner or later clowns do get elected, for the stupidest of reasons: “she’s folksy;” “he understands our values;” “he’s a big movie star.” It’s one of the prices we pay for living in a democracy. And usually we get bitten in the @$$ and wake up. So while it probably won’t happen, it certainly could. My assumption is that, if it does, Tina Fey needs to leave the country on Election Night.

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