It’s my ‘Checkers’ speech, you betcha!

When I first saw the news I literally couldn’t believe it. But when I saw it at CNN that’s when I thought that I had been wrong in my assessment of Sarah Palin all along. She is not a flaky lightweight who can’t be taken seriously; she is a totally insane narcissist. Then I decided to actually watch the whole speech. I’m watching the full speech right now. I’ve decided I need to read along with a transcript. It’s one of the weirder things I’ve ever seen in politics.

Last week Governor Sanford compared himself to King David for abandoning his office to frolic with his mistress. Today Governor Palin evoked the founder of Alaska when she was getting ready to bail on Alaska. Amazing.

2 Responses to “It’s my ‘Checkers’ speech, you betcha!”

  1. The Prof Says:

    Whoo boy.

    Thank you, Winston, for putting up that transcript–I missed it this morning.

    But let me get this straight–her master plan for becoming President is to…resign from the office that keeps her in the public eye? I suppose she could run for the Senate, too, but that tends to be less visible…I dunno. (Of course, it’s also conceivable that something’s “come up” that we haven’t heard about yet.)

    And I maintain that the Republican party, the party of “just leave me the hell alone,” needs badly to be taken back from the likes of Sarah Palin–the GOP seems to be content right now with smaller-but-ideologically-pure, which is just not helping them. Bring back the moderates, I say!

    My guess: she’ll win Iowa and then get creamed everywhere else, or she’ll run a distant third and drop out. Republicans tend to be a little wiser about their primary choices when they know their sentimental choice doesn’t stand a chance–case in point, McCain winning the nomination fight after Huckabee won Iowa. Anyone else would’ve gotten beaten far worse. If she were a Hilary Clinton-ish figure, who overcame huge negatives to become a superstar in her own right–like her or not, the woman knows her stuff–that’d be one thing. But Sarah Palin is no Hilary. She has no substance at all–just folksiness, those same old narrow-minded values we’ve come to know and love, and a tendency to crumble like an old cookie when pressed.

    But hey–a lot can happen in three years’ time.

  2. I just can’t grasp how someone could be arrogant enough to think they could be President of the US but incapable of finishing their term as governor. But yeah, you’re right, especially about how a lot could happen in three years. And that makes me nervous. Happy 4th of July, my brother.

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