We Have a Winner!

The Supreme Court of Minnesota has finally named Al Franken the winner of the Senate race held last year. It’s only taken slightly less time to determine that race than for one of those ‘Sore/Loserman’ bumperstickers Republicans thought were so clever to weather off of their Hummers.

4 Responses to “We Have a Winner!”

  1. The Prof Says:


    The Prof is happy. But I was cheated out of my ultimate moment–O’Reilly took the night off, on the day his hated enemy Franken was certified the winner.


    Also–I was not a fan of Michael Jackson, now or when I was a child, so I cannot say I’m all that surprised or broken up about the death of a child molester. (I wonder if he was smart enough to have it cleared out of his home this time.) Yeah, his life was screwed up. His father is a piece of work to rival the biggest scum out there (his new record label seems to have been set up specifically to make money off his dead son’s extensive catalogue). Maybe he was severely mentally ill–it wouldn’t shock me. His behavior is more forgivable if he was.

    As for his music…sorry, but, um, he had pop hooks. That’s what his songs were–three or four really catchy pop hooks strung together. They were not lyrically interesting, nor soulful (with a few exceptions), nor complex. I completely realize that what I say doesn’t matter, and that the public and the mass media have already forgotten the weirdness, but I, like you, can’t quite muster up any feeling.

    And it’s mostly the media anyway–you’ll note: “hundreds” outside the hospital where he died (and it looked llike dozens to me). “Hundreds” outside Neverland (which he no longer even owns). When John Lennon was killed there were hundreds of thousands of people holding vigils in the streets in New York alone.

    But as for MJ–all those things we weren’t supposed to know are coming out now, and it’s only gonna get weirder.

    Viva Prince!

  2. It’s okay. At some point Bill-o will have to acknowledge it. And it will be hilarious. And sure enough, Fox Noise is going nuts

    This is one of those times I’m really glad I don’t have cable or even ‘regular’ tv. I’ve not been inundated quite as much as everyone else. I do find it interesting that the media is exaggerating the numbers of people. I spent the afternoon with my grandmother on Monday and we watched the news for a while and noticed the same thing; I kept noticing the same handful of hardcore fans in the background of the shots that the cameras were trying to portray as a multitude.

  3. YAY FRANKEN!!! Weeeeeeeee!! Definitely make it a little easier for EFC Act to pass!

    I too am on a self-imposed blackout on MJ and defintely much happier for it. John Lennon used his celebrity and fame to try and do something good… something bigger than himself. Aside from the child molesting media spectacle MJ used his celebrity to self-indulgent and narcissistic. I don’t shed any tears for him, but am only glad that now he is free of pain.

  4. Damn I’m tired… skipping words and stuff!

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