the 29th


Meet January, she broke my heart.

This amused me…

indulgences are back

So, over the weekend Julia and I went and saw Moon. I thought it was excellent. Afterwards we strolled through a bookstore and I noticed that Prince was on the cover of Spin magazine for a huge tribute to the Purple Rain album. It took me back in time about a quarter century and I decided that the ‘Michael Jackson vs Prince‘ debate had finally been settled once and for all.
****I started to update this post and then decided to just make it it’s own post.

Last week I took my uncle to the Art Institute. He lives in Tennessee and was visiting us for a week. Chuck is an artist who is being treated for schizophrenia. It was really an extraordinary day. He took my photo on the steps with the Sears Tower in the background. It’s one of my favorite places to take a picture ever since I took a shot of Dahlia there back in ’01. Moments later I had another echo of Dahlia when we were walking down Monroe and ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. J- is Irish as hell. She used to own an Irish import store but now she’s tending bar downtown. She was having a cigarette when I saw her. We embraced and chatted for a while, agreeing that Wulf and Susan need to have a housewarming party. I have a tendency to run into people I know when I’m showing the city off to out-of-towners, especially when we’re downtown in the midst of the teeming masses of people. When I was walking down the Mag Mile with Dahlia the guy in the nutcracker soldier costume in front of FAO Schwartz waved and called out to me ‘Hiya Winston!’ Stuff like that happened the entire time Dahlia was here, but that was kind of the quintessential magical moment. The fortnight or so in between the solstice and 4th of July kind of belong to her in my mind, and whenever something like that happens, especially during that period, it’s like she’s here.

10 Responses to “the 29th”

  1. This makes me sad and happy at the same time – thats what bittersweet means i guess. 🙂 & 😥

  2. How is the Irish lass?? How nice that you ran into her! I have many fond memories of times with J that involve laughing!!!

  3. D-
    It’s actually one of the best flavored feelings there is… the joy is made deeper and the melancholy is mellower… but I still miss you!

    J- is as delightful as ever, though I believe she’s divorced from T-. I am seriously kicking W in the arse to throw a party…

  4. (shakes fist at ocean… …then shrugs, blows a kiss across it instead)

  5. oceans will be

    what they will.

    which is.

    inherently stupid.

  6. The Prof Says:

    You two are making me really sad.

  7. Don’t be sad. Be glad we found each other out of the teeming billions on this planet and I managed to actually bask in the glow of her majestic presence for even a little while. We got more than most people get. I think I got a better deal than the King of Pop, that’s for sure. He only sang songs about the kind of thing we actually got.

  8. dirty diana? right??

    I’m happy too, for all the reasons winston said, but it’s not bloody fair.

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