Conservative Tankthink

One of the things I’ve heard a lot over the past decade from my white conservative friends is that blacks and liberals make too big a deal of race and racism. Leonard Pitts has an excellent column on the GOP and race in the Trib today that is a must read for all conservatives of good concience. As if to underscore the point, last weekend Pat Buchannan publically cavorted with white nationalists (of course, that’s nothing new for him). Yes, it’s a hoot to watch them pompously advocate for ‘English only’ laws under a banner that misspelled the word ‘conference’, but Grandpa Hatey is still given an enormous platform to dispense his venom by the mainstream media. At least state rep Cynthia Davis of Missouri is here to remind us that conservatives can be wrong about far more than race.

And then there’s Shawna Forde
And I’m totally calling bull$hit on this. We know how these conservative guys work: ‘Governor Stanford is hiking the Appalachian Trail’ totally means ‘Governor Stanford is in a cheap motel up to his eyebrows in meth and gay hookers’.

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