HEY! (wassup?)

Sorry for the lack of updates. Almost done with new ‘Flight of the Rebels’ chapter (which is much longer than the other ones, I’m starting to get rolling with it. Seeing as how I started in November and it’s June, what can I say?)

YOU MUST READ THIS. (especially Kenny, Dahlia, and the Prof.)

Kenny, this made me think of you. When I find someone in a rough patch, you’re one of the people I tell them about. It helps them find their footing again. When I hear the word ‘hope’ I think of you.  

Lily, this made me think of you. I mean, when I heard the airport Starbucks was closed because it was filthy with flies, well, I mean, come on. I don’t even think that qualifies as a private joke or anything, but I can hear you laughing anyway.

This made me think of Misses Mayweather and Isabella.

We had crazy thunderstorms tear through yesterday, knocking down several trees on my block and knocking out teh internets for most of the day. Julia and I hung out, doing laundry, watching movies, and reading books. We had a good week and that kept me away from the keyboard. We did a lot of shopping and that sort of thing. It was a nice week, but it’s also nice that she’ll be gone until sometime in the middle of next week. 

It’s little things, like listening to ‘Before & After Science’ on Saturday morning, that really are the biggest joys.

Then there’s the joys of sidesplitting irony in it’s purest unintentional form which can only be produced by those who have no grasp of it. It’s like a Moebius Strip.

And this is awesome…

3 Responses to “HEY! (wassup?)”

  1. ROFL!! I love coming back to teh internet after a long busy weekend to catch up on your updates! : )

  2. I’m totally calling the future fetus either “Ben”, or “Satan”, or “Demon Child”… maybe “The parasite”.

  3. While it is somewhat obvious, I do think ‘Damien’ has an excellent ring to it…

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