saturday afternoon in June

Glenn Greenwald nails it. The idea of Jonah Goldberg talking about ‘merit’ is absurdly hilarious.

Less hilarious. Good thing these right-wing groups aren’t dangerous or anything…

You might think that a BBC docudrama from 1984 about nuclear war wouldn’t be terribly interesting, but you’d be wrong. It’s called ‘Threads’, and it’s incredibly haunting. I got sucked into it. Right now I’m covering a tech director gig for a pal for some extra bucks while he gets married. It’s actually been a busy few days. Working on the next bit of ‘Star Wars IV.5’ among other things. Julia is in town.

Gotta run

One Response to “saturday afternoon in June”

  1. Hello to Julia! Off to NYC this weekend for some ART. 🙂 Hope you are well…miss you!

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