Shooting at the Holocaust Museum

Shooting at the Holocaust Museum in DC. CNN is reporting that one of the guards has died. According to the Washington Post, Von Brumm had a list of other targets in his pocket and authorities are checking them out now.
CBS is reporting that an elderly white supremacist with a rifle is responsible. His name is allegedly James Von Brunn. Here’s a link to one of his recent posts, where he writes that Hitler’s ‘worst mistake’ is that he ‘didn’t gas the Jews’. Here in the Teahouse we are familiar with this sort of madness, and it’s not pretty. On the ‘about‘ page of ‘the arsenal of hypocricy’ (isn’t it striking how the more right wing a person is, the poorer their grasp of irony becomes-it seems to me that comprehending irony is key to comprehending reality) Von Brunn writes the following:
“It is now proven – irrefutably – there were no genocidal gas-chambers used during WWII. 6-million Jews were not murdered.
The total number of Jews that died of all causes during WWII was less than 300,000 – most of whom died of Typhus. In short, the “eye-witnesses” LIED, World Jewry LIED, the Allies LIED, the mass-media LIED. (And still do)
The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials were conceived and executed to cover-up 20th C. Bolshevik/Zionist/Jew crimes, and to create the bogus State of Israel.”

At the bottom of the same page where this comes from is an even more bitter ironic bit of text: Real Terrorist (including parts of the United States government) or anybody that supports Terrorism is NOT welcome to post on this blog.
Remember: The US Department of Defense defines terrorism as: “the unlawful use of — or threatened use of — force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies, often to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.”

Like I said, this is not the first time we’ve heard this sort of deranged ranting. Salon has posted some of his other writings here, if you’re curious. That way you don’t have to go to some filthy site like Stormfront to read about him.(that’s where someone named Elena Haskins has described Von Brunn as a ‘white racialist treasure’-they are all abuzz there at the moment, let me tell you.)

CNN is confirming that the shooter is a white supremacist.  Apparently three people have been shot, including Von Brunn.The Holocaust Museum in DC is a place that has a sacred feeling about it; I visited there nearly a decade ago and the memory still haunts me.

Seeing as how Scott Roeder is making threats about more violence from his jail cell, one has to wonder if we’re going to treat right wing ‘ticking time bomb’ scenarios like they’re something out of ’24’ or if that’s just for Muslims. It seems to me we have a right wing ‘flash mob’ occuring right now; the lunatics are trying to set each other off in the hopes that they’ll find the balls to do something violent and crazy to somebody innocent. Again, would Malkin, Hannity, Limbaugh, or any of the other idiots like to discuss how the DHS report on rightwing extremism was an ideologically driven ‘hit job’?

It appears that Von Brunn posted a thread on the Free Republic website that the Freepers just loved until a little earlier today. That’s when they decided to take it down.

(And in a bit of irony of the bad timing variety, Reverend Jeremiah Wright continues to display his ignorance in public.)

11 Responses to “Shooting at the Holocaust Museum”


    How could this happen???? Guns are still heavily restricted in the District of Columbia!!! Aren’t they?

  2. Actually, the Supreme Court overturned that ban a year ago. Nobody is trying to take your guns away, you big right wing fraidycat. Please stay on topic.

  3. the gates are open and here come all the crazies!

  4. Yeah, I’ve been reading his ‘writings’ and what his ‘friends’ say about him-the Stormfront idiots have been singing his praises for years now. I just hope we don’t have a wave of desperate armed losers commiting suicide via mass murder on our hands. The chaos of murderous faithlessness is a terrible thing to contemplate.

  5. Interesting timing of this event, just in time to elicit more sympathy for the victim state.

  6. And the parade of demented inhumanity rolls on…

  7. so the conspiracy theorists are now starting conspiracies about conspiracy theorists? I am so confused.

  8. To quote Ozzy: ‘When you’re stupid, you do stupid things’.
    I believe this maxim can be extrapolated to mean, ‘when you’re a paranoid racist lunatic, you believe paranoid racist lunatic things’. But then, what do I know?

  9. Rest in Peace Stephen Tyrone Johns. “Greater Love has no one than to give up their life for another”

    ABC News has identified him as the Security Guard that was killed.

    Peace be upon him. Prayers for his family, and for us all.

  10. Thank you for that, Kenny.
    I’m going to go for a walk.

    • The United Methodist Church in Rogers Park is having a Peace march tonight. I’d like to go for a walk too.

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