Epistle To Kenny

Kenny keeps me honest. He holds me to a very high standard, which I find flattering if difficult to live up to. Whenever he disagrees with me I find it necessary to examine my position closely. 

Anyone who reads my words and is inspired to hate or violence is missing my point entirely. However, outrage at injustice and hypocricy is something different altogether. Your point that ‘Islamo-fascist’ is as misleading a term as what I coined is well taken, but it ignores the reality that Islamic religious fascists exist  and wish to impose their will over all humanity. There are Christian Fundamentalists who have exactly the same goal. I believe we have both been accused of the same desire as well, but I will explain to you the fraction of a difference between us and them; for despite our protestations that there is merely an ‘us’ and never a ‘them’, the linguistic mental construct of ‘us’ and ‘them’ does exist in our minds. At least it does in mine.  

We once had an argument long ago about whether or not one culture could be ‘superior’ to another. In the years since you know my position has shifted significantly to agree with yours; I have become far more of a relativist who sees that there is no great difference between paleolithic tribesmen who shoot arrows at helicopters and the people flying in them. Neither of them is ‘better’ than the other. From the point of view of God there could only be one difference between them, and it has nothing to do with technology.

The Christian Fundamentalist, the IslamoFascist, The Reactionary Racist; these are all humans who embrace ideological perspectives that insist on their own imagined superiority. They imagine themselves to be in the helicopter, whilst you and I are sitting in the jungle singing ‘Kumbaya‘ in our ignorant innocence. Or they imagine themselves to be the noble savage and us to be the corrupted materialist; in either case they believe this difference entitles them to kill us. This is the difference between us and them.

You and I understand that the only human difference that matters is the difference between Cain and Abel. Abel was able to please God because he understood that sacrifice involved putting another before yourself; Cain felt wronged because he could only think of himself. Those who do not comprehend our position only look up from the jungle or down from the helicopter; their point of view will not encompass both of these positions simultaneously.

The above statement rings of a terrible arrogance, and I assure you that I do not presume to know the mind of God or assert that we are better than our fellows; this is a letter to my spiritual brother who knows my sins in detail as well as my capacity for decency and so can fully appreciate the worth of my words. I know that you are like Abel while it is my conceit that I strive to be unlike Cain. Many welcome Cain into their heart without ever actually commiting his crime; likewise, many have driven Abel from their souls in desperate circumstance. As much as I believe all humans are capable of redemption I acknowledge our capacity for corruption.

It is to those who have embraced Cain that the words that disturbed you were directed at. As you have surely noticed, some of my readers are delusional with notions of their own superiority and I feel obligated to disabuse them of these illusions. They fancy themselves to be noble heroes at the very moment they are embracing murderous savagery. They are seeking ministering even if they don’t know it, they are longing to be talked off the ledge, they are wishing  for enlightenment. There was no malice in my words, just an honest slap intend to snap them out of their stupor. You’ve done the same for me many a time, brother, and I am a better man for it.

3 Responses to “Epistle To Kenny”

  1. Wow. Nice to know I made a dent. 😉 there is a wealth of stuff here. It will take me a while to mine it.

    But, thanks. I’m pleased that I make an impression. You are challenging to keep up with. More later my friend.

  2. I just read one of the most disgusting things I have ever read in my entire life in the NYT article on Dr. Tiller’s funeral:

    “… a dozen or so abortion opponents gathered in a holding area a few blocks from the church.

    One protest sign read “God Sent the Shooter,” an apparent reference to Scott P. Roeder, the anti-abortion campaigner who has been charged with first-degree murder in Dr. Tiller’s death.”

    I almost threw up.

  3. No dude, this is way more disgusting. So is this. (warning: these are disturbing stories)

    But I take your point.

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