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Must-read article from RH Reality Check.
Wondering why a white racist is also a virulent antichoicer? Hint: it’s an answer to what Kenny was wondering about the other day. Hat tip to Lily for pointing out the article to me.
Oh, and just in case you weren’t outraged enough, it turns out that the terrorist had been vandalizing the Central Family Medicine Clinic for two weeks prior to murdering Dr Tiller.
And then there’s Glenn Beck, douchebag.

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  1. I realize that Dr. Tiller’s murderer and those who vandalize abortion clinics use the Bible and Christian rhetoric to justify their action. The extreme form of Sharia followed by the Taliban is also based on the Qur’an. However, both of these extremist views are based on flawed views of Scripture and are inconsistent with the basic beliefs of the traditions from which they claim to flow.

    I had a conversation yesterday with a very well educated and intelligent woman who, even when shown the passage from the Qur’an, refused to believe that it recognizes Jesus as a being a messenger from God and affirms the validity of Christianity. (Qur’an 2:136) I suspect this may be because she has been bombarded by careless rhetoric from the media which denounces Islam as an “all or nothing” religion.

    My concern with your use of the phrase “Fundamentalist Christian Anti-choice terrorist” is the same. While it is accurate to describe Scott Roeder as such, it is also a bit misleading. Roeder had many motives behind this murder. Mental illness may have been (and probably was) one of them, but you probably wouldn’t call him crazy. (Well maybe you would, but I hope you get my point.) Even after reading the article you (via Lily) pointed out, I stand by my criticism that calling him an“Anti-choice Fundamentalist Christian Terrorists” is while perhaps accurate, is at the same time misleading.

    In short, you are doing the same thing Fox News does. Your language is unnecessarily inflammatory. You do yourself a disservice by using it; You are much too good a writer and thinker to write this way. Why not simply call him an Anti-choice terrorist? This is still very accurate, yet much less misleading. If you’d then like to explore the relationship with Fundamentalist Christianity, then do so. But do it with less unnecessary “broad-brushed” name calling.

    • Allow me to revise and amend. I just watched the Keith Olbermann video. In my comment “you are doing the same thing Fox news does” I didn’t mean to link your comments with those of O’Reilly and that ilk. Their comments go beyond simply poor word choice. They are very deliberate about their words. i won’t speak to their motives. I think they are clear. So, I retract my “Fox news” comment. I do however, stand by the rest of it. I think you need to be a bit more precise in your comments.

  2. I appreciate your recantation of your use of hyperbolic languange when accusing me of using hyperbolic language!
    However, I will stand by my use of that language, especially if it turns out that Scott Roeder identifies himself with the Phineas Priesthood as this group can literally be described as ‘Fundamentalist Christian Terrorists’ who are operating with an ideology that is not very far removed from any other radical religious terrorist organization anywhere on Earth. (This is the relevant link from the post above if you didn’t follow it: Wondering why a white racist is also a virulent antichoicer?)
    I understand your point about being ‘accurate but misleading’ and being ‘inflammatory’, but I honestly think I’m being clear; when one is trying to warn the tribe of a threat, understatement can be as inappropriate as exaggeration.
    More later, gotta sleep.

  3. The Prof Says:

    Yeah, layman’s perspective again, but unless I’m missing something about Mr. Roeder’s background the term “fundamentalist Christian anti-choice terrorist” seems pretty accurate and specific. I do not believe the use of that terminology implicates all Christians, or even all Fundamentalist Christians, in part because it IS so specific.

    Also, he is clearly a crazy person (as in, very nearly tinfoil hat crowd), so if you wanted to add the word “deranged” to all of that, that’d fit, too.

    But there does seem to be a growing number of Roeders out there, whose brains have just hit overload, and O’Reilly, Hannity, et al, would do well to watch what they say lest they cross the line between “rabble-rousing” and incitement to murder.

    Also, Worldnet Daily (Winston’s favorite site) has just posted the clinic addresses of the other two doctors in that state who perform late-term abortions…I wonder what they had in mind. (Also hope somebody’s notified the FBI about this.)

  4. Perhaps I am indulging in equi-thana-flagellation (beating a dead horse, sorry, I’m back on caffeine after a long absence!) but despite Winston’s protestations to the contrary, i still think that Fundamentalist-Christian Anti-choice Terrorist is as misleading and as unfortunate a term as “Islamo-Fascist”

    But Prof, your opinion that it is not misleading speaks volumes. As a writer and a writing professor, you understand the power of words. I am just challenging our friend Winston here to choose his words very carefully. Blogs by there nature are a “brain dump” and sometimes we ( I include myself obviously, see my comment above) are not a as careful as we could be with our word choice.

  5. The Prof Says:


    Most glad you’re back on the mend–Winston and I have both indicated time and again that you’re the toughest human being we’ve ever met.

    Yeah, terminology’s extremely important–it’s led to more (and less, at times) humane treatment of people, and to make things sound less horrible than they are (“enhanced interrogation” as opposed to “torture”). Again, I take no issue with Sir Winston’s terminology here, since it does refer to and single out a small, if virulent, group of people. (I also, however, see where you might take issue with his word choice.)

    I suppose the simple fact of the matter is this: if you’re looking to be offended, you will find something offensive. Hell, we just went through commencement at my small church-affiliated liberal-arts college, which, while it says it’s open to all faiths and faith traditions, nonetheless allows the head of campus spiritual life to call all the non-Catholics in attendance “condemned” (including the students). I’ve never been damned at a commencement service before. It wouldn’t actually bother me, except that I know they believe it.

    But I admit I have my off-moments as well–my word for the folks who commit or advocate murder in the name of Jesus is “the pod-people.” I stand by that.

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