Women’s rights NOW, women’s rights forever

A rememberance of Dr Tiller.
Mr Irresponsibility needs to be held responsible. What the maniacs are saying. Yeah, the right wing isn’t full of hateful little pudknockers full of violent fantasies or anything. Remember how they were whining about the Department of Homeland Security report on the rising threat of right wing terrorism? They were shouthing how it was a political fabrication designed to disrupt their teabagging, but I think it should be obvious to even the casual observer what bullshit that was. While I’m on the subject, let me say that I’m happy to charge this asshole with terrorism, but why the hell is Scott Roeder only being charged with murder and aggravated assault? Hold in mind that the FBI has maintained with a straight face that ‘eco-terrorism’ is the #1 terrorist threat in the US, despite the fact that no human being has ever been killed by an ‘eco-terrorist’. But somehow, shooting one of two doctors that performs late term abortions is not terrorism? I don’t see much difference between Antichoice Fundamentalist Christians and the Taliban; they are both minority groups that use bizarre interpretations of religious scripture to justify their violent attempts to foist their will upon their respective societies. They seek to repress the rights of women, and by extension, everyone else. They are narcisstic to a psychotic extreme, which renders them immune to rational dialogue and factual evidence. If you want to measure how developed a society is, look at how women are regarded by it; a civilization that represses the rights of women cannot be considered free, democratic, or modern, regardless of whatever conceits it may otherwise have. If a woman’s right to privacy does not exist, then none of us have a right to privacy. Abortion is not simply a ‘woman’s issue’. The right to be free from government interference in our most private decisions is a fundamental human right. A fetus is not a ‘baby‘ or a person, and while an abortion is not a pleasant medical procedure, it stretches credulity beyond the breaking point to call it murder; especially when so many of those who do make that claim are so unconcerned with the murders of actual people.    
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6 Responses to “Women’s rights NOW, women’s rights forever”

  1. Thank you for your thoughts on this subject. It is especially disturbing right now as we offering sympathies to a coworker who just buried a 6-hour old granddaughter. It just seems like purposeful torture to put families and the newborn through a few hours or days of needless suffering for some ill-founded belief based not on scientific principles or medical ethics but a mystical fairy-tale.

    Why not contact ERIC F. MELGREN United States Attorney, District of Kansas and URGE him to prosecute this as the terrorist crime that it is?
    Contact info found here: http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/ks/contact.html
    and why not let Eric Holder know how you feel as well? http://www.usdoj.gov/contact-us.html
    Contact the Sedgwick County Prosecutor: http://www.sedgwickcounty.org/da/

    Perhaps communicating with these offices will not do any good, but it is better than doing nothing at all.
    Dr. Tiller is a hero to women, children, and rational minded people everywhere. May he rest in peace.

  2. Lily-
    Thank you so much for the helpful links n’ comments. I have had it with Fundamentalist Christian Terrorists in my country trying to intimidate women and others with their hateful delusional worldview. This is not a ‘women’s issue’ but a matter of basic human rights.

  3. Thanks for the links Lily!


    You know my position on this issue and I share many of your opinions and your anger. However, something about your language concerns me. I think the term “Anti-choice Fundamentalist Christian Terrorists” paints with a bit too broad a brush. Perhaps it bothers me because it has the ring of truth. However, not all Fundamentalist Christians are terrorists, condone murder, or are even anti-choice! Your comparison with the Taliban is valid. But Taliban is the title of a specific group. “Anti-choice Fundamentalist Christian Terrorists” is not a specific group and may even include folks whose opinions are closer to ours.

    I wish I had a suggestion for something that might be more accurate, but I don’t. Mostly, I just wanted to get this off my chest and bring it to your attention.

    As always, I wish us Peace.

  4. Kenny-
    There’s plenty of other descriptors I could have added to describe Scott Roeder, including ‘Right Wing’, ‘Militia-Belonging’, and ‘Gun-Nut’. These may have helped to paint a more specific picture, but I’m satisfied with the effect the ones I chose had. Obviously not all fundamentalist Christians are terrorists or anti-choice, but an inflexible self-righteous worldview is crucial to any terrorist who uses murder to advance their agenda, and the ghoulish obsession many of these folks have with this particular medical procedure inevitably creates a climate that breeds fanatics.
    If you want to see a real comparison with the Taliban, look up the Phineas Priesthood. Orcinus did a great series on them last year. It makes for unsettling reading.

    I am with you in wishing us all Peace, my brother.

  5. Kenny, I may be speaking out of turn here, but when WD uses that group label I envision the group of people who ran that scary school I was forced to attend as a child/teen. “Guns, God & Gold” was one of their mottos. (I met someone at work here who had a similar experience growing up in Texas and their motto was “Guns, God & Oil.” )
    God for the obvious reasons, gold or oil to represent their repugnance for government currency and banking systems, but guns? Just in case they need to form a militia if the US becomes too sinful.
    Yeah. Sleep well tonight everone.

  6. […] Wondering why a white racist is also a virulent antichoicer? Hint: it’s an answer to what Kenny was wondering about the other day. Hat tip to Lily for pointing out the article to me. Oh, and just in case you […]

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