I’m not a germaphobe, but EW.
“The survey released by Golodner’s group, which advises the American Chemistry Council, found that 11 percent of the surveyed adults said they have swum with a runny nose, 7 percent with an exposed rash or cut and 1 percent when ill with diarrhea.”

DIARRHEA? Why the hell would you be swimming in a public pool?

7 Responses to “Ew.”

  1. The Prof Says:

    Because it’s better than getting liquidy poo in your own pool, silly.

  2. Excellent point, sir. I had not considered that.

  3. after watching a marathon this weekend where a minority of the top runners were actually covered in their own poo…this was an unfortunate reminder of the weekend’s ickiness.

  4. The Prof Says:


    Ummmm…geez. Did they just not want to stop to go to the bathroom? Because, you know, as gross as the pool thing is, that’s generally a result of misfortune. Running while covered in poo is, as a general rule, a sign of mental illness (or in some cases, severe humiliation and need for immediate escape).


    This one has nothing to do with poo. Been checking out BBC’s Dr. Who spinoff Torchwood featureing Captain Jack Harkness, the gayest sci-fi hero ever. (Seriously, he kisses a dude about once per episode.) Very self-aware campy sci-fi that yet manages to have a bit of emotional resonance as well.

  5. Yeah, Dahlia’s been telling me to check that out too. I’m not going to think abobut poo anymore. I suppose it’s my fault for posting anything to do with it.
    (sorry this is quick, I’m just buzzing through on my way to work. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been very busy and tired! Real update tonight, I promise!)

  6. ooooo men on men action? Count me in!

    Oh and the poo marathon thing – quite common for runners who go those distances to lose all of it…the body just rebels or they refuse to make a pit stop. I also got to see bloody nipples from chafing. Runners are supposed to put body glide or vaseline on areas that are susceptible to chafing – nipples , thighs. underarms. But here I am handing this male runner his gear bag with blood staining his shirt for lack of attention. I hurt for him!

    I will keep my couch potato status thank you!

  7. Dr Slappy Says:

    Yeah, I don’t understand the running until you are bleeding and crapping yourself thing. I like to take vigorous walks…

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