Star Trek!

I saw it on Friday and was blown away. I saw it again on Sunday night and was freshly blown away. ‘Star Trek’ is very special to me. I connected with it as a kid before there even was a ‘Star Wars’. The characters are old friends to me in a way that is difficult to explain. I grew to love ‘STTNG’ and was fond of ‘DS9’ and found the occasional ‘Enterprise’ episode to be especially good, nothing compares to the adventures of Captain Kirk and Mister Spock boldly going where no one has gone before.

I saw it both times with folks who knew almost nothing about ‘Trek’ and they loved the movie. This tickled me most of all because this was ‘Trek’ at it’s best, distilled from my dreams of what it was and could be. Almost literally. The cinematography and design captured what I imagined everything ‘actually’ looked like when I was a kid, deep in the shag carpet of a sunny 70’s afternoon. Yet the futures and pasts that all came long after are not given short shrift in this film and are lovingly acknowledged even as the film liberates itself from them.

If the characters didn’t work, then no amount of eye candy and clever plotting would have made a fig’s difference in any case. But the characters worked beautifully and so the whole endeavor was worth it. This Kirk and Spock are surrounded by a crew that are the beloved characters we remember realized in a new sharp focus that captures them perfectly. To say more would be a waste, go see it for yourself and then we can chat about it more specifically.

3 Responses to “Star Trek!”

  1. it was good but a bit hokey getting all the characters favorite lines in. I know I will catch flack for this but basically they just opened a can and there was Bones. Special effects were good. 🙂

  2. Well of course it’s gonna be hokey! It’s STAR TREK!

  3. The Prof Says:

    Dear Winston,

    Aurora and I were surprisingly pleased with it. In particular, we thought Zachary Quinto was dead-on perfect as young Spock. And I rather liked Karl Urban as Bones. I was also pleased that Uhura got to actually be smart and a full character. Loved Simon Pegg as Scotty (and his alien homunculus.) As with much post-modernism, it sorta embraces the old but also adds to it, and I did think the device they used to do that (no spoilers here) was satisfying enough for J. J. Abrams to be clear to do his own take on ‘Trek without being beholden to every minute detail.

    The plot, to me, was a tad thin, but that’s okay because it was much more about character, and reintroducing this world to a new audience. (I will, of course, expect more of one in the next film–BRING ON KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!)

    Also rather liked the opening sequence–drama and pathos and all that.

    I’m not a die-hard trekkie/er/whatever they’re calling themselves these days–I loved DS9 for the very reasons most hardcore fans hated it; I now find TNG unwatchable but for a few select episodes; “Enterprise” and Voyager barely had a pulse. But I liked this. The point is, yeah, it’s campy space opera, but it’s aware that it’s campy space opera. If you want to go the other way there are four complete seasons of BSG, which is as dark and desperate and dreary as one can get. Sometimes, though, one wants something a little more fun and popcornish, and this movie was certainly that.

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