Why the Hell does Facebook allow Holocaust Denial Groups?

This is some bullshit right here. I mean, I can understand how something like that could get set up, but once it is pointed out to them, it should be a no-brainer for FB to get rid of it. I mean, they’re Nazis, for Chrissakes. You don’t deal with Nazis through civil debate or rational discourse-there is none to be had with them. They need to be shunned and shamed. These are individuals who use the concept of freedom of speech against the freedom of speech; when they had the upper hand the first thing they did was to eliminate freedom of speech. Once that happened, they started killing people.

That this tiny blog has captured the attention of at least a couple of these degenerates should be indicative that there are more than a couple of these individuals in the world. One of the downsides of the World Wide Web is that it allows small communities of demented perverts to form, thereby allowing them to feel that they are not alone. When the demented perverts are diaper fetishists or scat-eaters, that’s just sad and sick, but when they are Nazis and racists it can become dangerous. It’s a matter of phenotypic plasticity. Tell Facebook how you feel about Holocaust Deniers being hosted on their site.

And Happy Mother’s Day!

34 Responses to “Why the Hell does Facebook allow Holocaust Denial Groups?”

  1. I hate to say it, but freedom of speech can suck. Whether you believe it or not… asking Facebook to censor is a bad move. Don’t frequent those pages… and continue to post your opinion and objection, but don’t ask for censorship. You would take serious offense if anyone tried to stop your ability to speak your mind. Yes, these individuals are wrong (to use the easiest of terms). But, they have the right to speak their mind. Facebook gives people around the world an opportunity to share their thoughts, right or wrong, with others. This is a forum of free speech that should not start to censor. This should spread so people from all countries have the same rights we so enjoy here. But, when we praise ourselves for our opinions and then deny anyone else from expressing theirs we damage our ability to grow. Our ability to exhange ideas and compromise on issues is destroyed when we censor others just because they do not see our point of view. Now, you may say that this issue is not a point of view but historical fact… true. But, they have the right and should have the right to express their view point of history. We in the same vane have the right to disagree and speak against it. Just don’t stop it. Also, it keeps those events out there so maybe we can avoid those mistakes in the future.

  2. Sorry ‘G’, but Facebook is a privately owned media platform that can censor itself just as much as it pleases (it already does so for a variety of reasons, including removing pictures of women nursing their babies); this is not a freedom of speech issue and it is a tired canard to pretend that it is. The hatemongers are welcome to set up their own social networking websites and grunt to each other as much as they like (of course, when one doesn’t have reasoning skills or opposable thumbs this might prove difficult) but they don’t have to do it on Facebook (or wordpress, for that matter).

    The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees that the government will not interfere with my freedom of speech; it does not mean that the newspaper has to publish my letter to the editor or that WordPress has to publish my blog. It does mean that the government cannot prevent me from publishing my own newspaper or developing my own web platform; there is a difference.

    There is nothing to debate or discuss with Holocaust Deniers and other neo-Nazi racists; they do not represent a legitimate ‘side’ of any rational argument. They may have a right to speak their mind, but so does a maniac on a street corner and there is no reason to provide either of them a larger platform than that. I’ve wasted enough time explaining the obvious to you; I need to eat lunch. Have a nice day.

  3. Brian Radford Says:

    Holocaust deniers are Nazis? Oh, Winston. C’mon. FFS.

  4. Brian Radford Says:

    Oh, and yes there are a lot more of ‘us’ than you would think. People are a little more educated and interested in their history these days. One does not necessarily believe all that is served up piping hot by the winners. Perhaps, if you were to, in fact, engage these revisionists, instead of calling them names, life might improve? Sorry, gotta fly, have a nappy to change.

  5. Brian Radford Says:

    You do provide me with some very light entertainment, ol’Winnie, m’boy.

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    The Grand Parade of Demented Perverts is definitely leaving a trail of slime through here today…

    Oh, and BTW, does anyone know WTF it means when it types ‘FFS’? Fumble Finger Syndrome? Fake Fysician Sycho? Fat Farting Sasquatch? For fuck’s sake, I just can’t make out what it means, what with it’s incredibly thick Down Under accent. But then, Australians always sound like brain damaged Englishmen to me… 😀

  7. Ficticious Fuckwit Sycophant?

  8. Farcical Facist Simpleton?

  9. flagitious fallacious stooge?

    Don’t you just love vocabulary? *sigh* Look at all those lovely words…

  10. Vocabulary makes me swoon giddily.

    Feebily Fwapping Spanker?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    It is even funnier when you answer yourself in your own post.

  12. It’s an even bigger guffaw when anonymous posters don’t get irony and think they’re being clever by pointing it out! I AM LAUGHING AT YOU, MOUTHBREATHER! (or do you think that’s too subtle for him?)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Someone needs to relax. Maybe there was an obvious mistake made or misunderstanding, but you wouldn’t get that right now since you seem too caught up in your own feelings on the subject. Why not focus your anger on the right people or is this how you respond to everyone?

  14. I’m the Furioius Buddha, you anonymous nitwit. If you want someone to pat your hand and tell you how clever you are, go shove your head up your mommy’s arse.

  15. Foul Flesh-Mongering Strumpet!
    Flatulent Fobbing Scut!

    ( he he he couldn’t resist some Elizabeathean verbiage! )

  16. Naturally, you would use ‘flatulent’.

    Fervently Foaming Scumbag!

  17. oh those darn anonymous’. They have no sense of humor. Is anyone angry? *looks around* Thought we were just having fun with words. LOL

  18. you said arse. *giggle*

  19. Dr Slappy Says:

    Za troll often engages in za emotional projection ov it’s own feelinks onto za person zey are stalking. Zey takes zemselves so seriously zat zey are incapable ov comprehending ven zey are being mocked, even if za mocking iz direct und relentless. Zeir mental state iz precarious, vich is vy zey often pose in various ludicrous identities. Many times zey will even pretend to haff ze outragous cartoon foreign accent to create vat zey feel to be an ‘authentic’ persona.

    In uzer vords, zey are koo koo!
    -Dr Slappy

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I have already won.

  21. Dr Slappy Says:

    Und vat haff you ‘won’? Ve are all very curious.
    (Zis should be goot.)

  22. B. "Anonymous" Ratford Says:

    I’ve won a vegemite sandwich. I think I’m going to enjoy it while watching the koalas and kangaroos frolic. I’m going to follow that with some amber fluid until I’m just off my face.

    Cuz I’m Australian get it??????

  23. Paging Dr Slappy, Paging Dr Slappy… …Dr Slappy, Please Report to the Freakout Ward Immediately…

  24. The Prof Says:


    What in the blue heck is a “scut?”

    Winston, props to you for playing nice with the mentally ill. It takes a special kind of patience which I, for one, do not have.

  25. South China University of Technology, why?


  26. 🙂 😮 😡 :)~

    smileys! cool!

  27. scut = the worst of sluts? yes? Lily has the best words.

  28. Dr Slappy Says:

    Herr Professor-
    It is seemink to me zat Vinston is not so much ‘tolerating’ as ‘joining in’.

  29. Brian Radford Says:

    Winnie, I dont think I post anonymously: I feel you may have me confused with someone else.

  30. Brian Radford Says:

    A brilliant ‘cut and paste’ for you not to post…..

    If Telling the Truth Makes Me an Anti-Semite; Then Call Me an Anti-Semite.

    By Barbara L.

    Get your own blog. I don’t publish anonymous racist manifestos.

  31. Brian Radford Says:

    ‘Brain damaged Englishmen’ Now THAT is a funny line, Winnie. Sorry, mate. Been away for a bit. Changing nappies and such. Mostly my own, of course. ‘Brain damaged Englishmen’ Wow, funny. And I’m sure an hirsute fat man like yourself would know what FFS means?
    ‘Brain damaged Englishman’ …. hehehehe, can I use that one? Thats gold.

  32. And so it goes…

  33. Neato. I thought this was cool, too.

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