Why I’m an Anglophile.

Hooray for the British. Michael Savage is a blowhard nitwit who deserves to be lumped in with the rest of the clowns from the Hatecircus. I have to say that list is pretty equal-opportunity.

Dahlia, this made me think of you and laugh in a worst-case-scenario sort of way. Do you have any idea how lucky we are? I just broke into a wide wild grin for you which makes the people around me think I’m crazy. Still writing…

2 Responses to “Why I’m an Anglophile.”

  1. Did you hear that idiot hang up on NPR today? His head exploded at the attempts at rational conversation…

  2. just to note – it isn’t *me* that ‘suffers’ drunken air melt-down!

    (of course that might be a reason why I haven’t been to chicago in such a long time! )

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