Brief Notes From a Monday in the Life

Zombies are no longer cool. From now on I will only make hilarious references to Frankensteins and Yeti. Also, vampires haven’t been cool since they started sparkling and walking around during the day.

Best  Blog Post I Have Read In A Long Time.

Kenny just got out of surgery a couple of hours ago. They didn’t have to remove any lung. Hooray for not removing any lung. They put something in that will bathe the area with antibiotics. Pray for him or think thoughts, or whatever you do.

Beautiful day today. Took a walk, had a lovely vegetarian dinner. Checked various electronic sources of information. Commenced to writing with a National Geographic documentary on the Vatican playing in the background. And yes, Dahlia, it’s for you. 🙂

One Response to “Brief Notes From a Monday in the Life”

  1. goody! yay! 🙂

    I’ve been painting – got some vintage frames from the charity shop on saturday – and find myself eating less and less red meat – had quorn bolegnese last night. nom nom.

    muchlove for Kenny. x x

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