Days in the Week (why piracy can be good for business)

I especially like the John Cale version of this.
I know where I score on the Rachel Corrie Rorschach Test.

Yesterday was an awesome day. I had lunch with my mother and grandmother, did some shopping, and ended the day losing at Scrabble to Miss Mayweather. The weather was amazing. I took a couple of long walks, including one with Missus M and I.

One of the things I bought was the new Prince album. I went to the Target near my grandmothers’ and ran into a friend from work; it was funny because we were both way out of our normal neighborhoods. K had emailed me a couple of cuts from the new album and it motivated me to make the trip. It felt like summer to have it pouring out the car windows when I went tearing down Higgins on the way home.

I also stopped at the comic book shop. It was Free Comic Saturday and I wanted to support the stores. They were actually out of free comics by the time I got there, but that really doesn’t matter as the point of my visit was to buy something. It’s patriotic to be a patron these days; if you’re one of the people who are employed you should be spending more of your paycheck than you save. I’m not talking about running up credit cards but rather circulating cash; there’s a difference. I picked up The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Mrs Finch by Neil Gaiman and the Ultimates Iron Man v Hulk story. I really like the Ultimates series; it made the Marvel heroes interesting to me for the first time in years. I’m simply a huge fan of Gaiman and when I thumbed through Mrs Finch I found a drawing of a character that reminded me of Dahlia so I grabbed that one.

I took a few folks from the institution to go see Wolverine on Friday night. It was great and we had a terrific time. I had received a copy of the unfinished version of the movie and that’s what actually motivated me to organize the outing. While I understand the complex issues of piracy and that the entertainment industry is not just about millionaire paydays but the jobs of plenty of everyday people (watch all the credits of a movie sometime and remember that each one of them represents a job), passing around bootlegs can actually generate excitement and interest in a movie or record. A lot of the critics have been panning the movie, but because I actually saw it, I knew how good it was.

Artistic taste is idosyncratic. Most critics probably didn’t enjoy the Wolverine movie because they didn’t read the X-Men in the 80’s. The idea of a guy who doesn’t die and has metal claws is not a natural premise to them and they certainly haven’t been waiting to a depiction of his origin since they were ten. Many people don’t enjoy Prince. It’s all about the vibe and the groove; if you don’t connect to the vibration, you will not find yourself grooving to the gyration. You either like G flat major with an E in the bass, or you don’t enjoy hearing the color purple.

On Monday I found myself in the hospital getting some tests. I drove in and walked out and am feeling fine. My blood pressure was quite high but I’ve had a stress test and am consulting with my primary care physician. I’ ve made a few changes and they are actually working out great. I switched from coffee to tea and cut my salt intake and feel much better. I haven’t touched red meat all week and probably won’t be eating it again any time soon as I’m not even missing it. I promise you that I am taking the best care of myself imaginable; my blood sugar levels are good and I’m seeing my doctor this week. It’s amazing how my attitudes about things have changed, and I think it’s all for the better.  

My Unlimited Love To Y’all,

(Dahlia! It’s almost done!)

5 Responses to “Days in the Week (why piracy can be good for business)”

  1. The Prof Says:

    Good Sir Winston…

    Glad you’re doing well–health is nothing to frak around with.

    Actually, for my money, the finest version of Cohen’s “Hallelujah” yet recorded is Jeff Buckley’s–it’s haunting and majestic and his voice sounds like an angel crying. But a great song is a great song, and the best sound good no matter how they’re played. (Gnarls Barkley doing the Violent Femmes is something to behold indeed, and I one heard “Every Breath You Take” done a capella by NIU’s black choir, and, well, it blew me away.) But that’s the beauty of human creativity–each of us tells the same story, but no one tells it in quite the same way.

    Still not sure about “Wolverine,” as it seems to completely ignore Marvel canon. But the new “Star Trek” does pique my curiosity.

  2. Now you see why they call high blood pressure a “silent” problem… often times you feel perfectly fine! Glad to hear you’re taking care of yourself! Prolly better than I am, LOL! (why is it that happy relationships initially make result in fat & lazy ?!?)
    Please let me know what you think about the Neil G. book you just picked up!

    We haven’t been to the movies in a while, but I liked the marketing on the Wolverine movie: take a poll and vote in where the premiere should be. Tempe AZ of all places, LOL! Of course I couldn’t miss all the Hugh Jackman interviews, but he interviews well – funny and gracious. Actors always have to push their movies when they’re on publicity tours, etc but he really appears to be into this character. He piqued my interest, but you now sealed the deal.

  3. hey guys! I found the Wolverine movie – which I wanted to like (I mean Hug is HOT!) – to be way to violent. Too many shooting people in the head. It just seemed like it was a poor man’s Batman Begins. But a caveat – I have never been a big XMAN fan. But I was sorely disappointed and not gratuitous package shots. 😦

    I am such a simple creature.

  4. not enough gratuitous package shots – I mean 😉

  5. Lara-
    Yes, it was surprising that a movie about a guy who has metal claws that come out of his hands would be violent.
    Also, you should admit that what you really wanted to see was a gay pron film starring Hugh Jackman (obviously, his pron name should be Huge Jacksman. Anyway.) and that anything less would be a letdown. You are such a saucy wench.

    I didn’t mind it messing with the Marvel canon because Marvel freely messes with their own canon every chance they get. The new Trek movie is going to send me to Nerdvana in any case.

    I loved the Neil book. It’s an illustrated version of a short story that originally appeared in the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ collection. I think you would actually enjoy that collection very much.
    I really enjoy Jackman as Wolvie-he hits exactly the right notes with the character. Wolverine always seemed to be bigger than the comic books he was in-no matter how bad the artist or writer telling the story Wolverine had a mixture of dignity and menace that lifted him above it leaving him untouched. Jackman has this exact same quality and brings it to Wolverine in spades.

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