Rainy Saturday Afternoon (missing the Wrecka Stowe)

RIP Bea Arthur.
This is a weird tragedy. I’m sure the details will make it even more weird.
This guy had a really bad day. At least he seems to have a positive attitude.

Here’s an excellent breakdown of what the right wing noise machine has been shrieking into the echo chamber during the first 100 days of Obama’s term.  

It’s raining. Hard. Wulf was going to come by with the family, and I was hoping Netheria would make it because we wanted to barbecue. At least we’ll still be able to enjoy Miss M’s pasta salad. It’s not an ordinary pasta salad. It has magic and love in it. If you put this pasta salad in your mouth you would react like a nine year old who had never before tasted candy and just had their first bite of milk chocolate. It’s insane, this pasta salad.

I recut Julia’s roses. They are still fresh and blooming after half a week and the new arrangement is very pleasing. I never thought that I would find arranging flowers to be so satisfying. I have them on the big table Lara gave me directly in front of Julia’s Garden, and I spent a few minutes just looking at them. Perhaps I will paint them later tonight.

The thunder is fierce and close, the rain pattering hard. I made a few phone calls this afternoon, letting people know about Kenny’s condition. Cleaned house. Prepared pork chops with olive oil, chianti, roasted garlic, basil, and some other things laying around the kitchen. They’re sitting in the fridge underneath a marinara I made on Wednesday night.

‘Boys Keep Swinging’ just faded out and ‘Repetition’ just started, making perhaps the cleverest ironic juxtapositions in pop music. Lodger is one of Bowie’s most overlooked records. Today I’ve listened to Bob Dylan’s Real Live, Sinead O’Connor’s Faith & Courage,  and Glenn Gould’s first take on The Goldberg Variations. My friend RM sent me some cuts from the  new Prince albums and I’m checking them out next. I’m going to buy it anyway, but I haven’t had a chance to go to the store. I can hear the collective ‘why would you go to the store to buy music?’ gasp circulating, and the truth is that I liked going to the record store and think it’s kind of a bummer that they’re essentially extinct. Of course, there are a few Paleocene Dinosaurs to still be found.    

RM really knows me. He sent me the instrumental and the cover of ‘Crimson and Clover’; the best tracks Prince has produced in the past decade or so tend to be his instrumentals and covers. I actually still get excited about these. This is why record stores were cool and cannot truly be replaced by algorithims; RM used to work with me in the store back in the day, and he understands music. He understands why people like what they do, and what it says about them; he knows how to connect them with what they will love. It’s a kind of gift. Of course, not every record store had clerks like RM; the stereotype of the rude snob who makes you feel bad about buying a Kenny G record surely existed. I’m pretty sure it was me.

Okay, I’ve spun these two tracks three times and have started my fourth. I’ve put them into the Wrecka Stowe folder on my media player. That’s where I keep my absolutely favorite Prince cuts. I am an extreme music nerd, with a couple of dozen folders of abstract song compilations, like ‘quantum stutter response’ and ‘hydrogen emission wave’. The ‘Crimson & Clover’ is a lot of fun, switching into ‘Wild Thing’ during the bridge.

Dinner ended up being excellent. We ended up having a conversation that touched on how amazing record stores are and talked about Amoeba in San Fransisco and Reckless here in Chicago. We talked about the joy of the hunt and the thrill of finding that precise, exact thing you were hunting for and how it’s just not the same. Let me give you an example. A very long time ago, I discovered that there was a UK 12″ single of Purple Rain that had an instrumental version of God on it that was very limited edition. I just typed ‘prince god instrumental’ into google and it is now playing as I write this. While this might sound incredibly cool and awesome, it totally misses the point. What I really want it to get a copy of the record. But, in any case, if you listen to it, you might get why I like Prince’s instrumentals so much.

One Response to “Rainy Saturday Afternoon (missing the Wrecka Stowe)”

  1. Very cool ,
    Yes, record stores are now extict. so sad!
    Does this maike us dinosaurs?
    Difinetely not!

    I think it makes us lucky and blessed to have
    expereinced it in our lifetime!’

    We are the lucky ones!

    God bless!


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