Completely unacceptable.

Of course, it benefits the powers that be in Iran for hostility and ill will to exist between them and the West. Tyrants want their people to be isolated from freedom. They fear the revolutions that access to information and ideas can bring. We should have set up Radio Free Iran and Radio Free Korea a long time ago.

3 Responses to “OUTRAGEOUS”

  1. Anon E. Mouse Says:

    We need to wipe that nation of monkeys off the map.

  2. Please step down from your pedestal and your supposed moral high ground. The United States has planted spies all around the world with covers, including that of reporters. Do you really think the United States doesn’t have spies in Iran????

    The United States never had the moral high ground, its citizens just laboured under this illusion before the advent of the internet. When the Gov’t could control the media, it could control the content. That is much less possible in today’s multimedia world. The U.S. was founded by religious outcasts who embraced slavery in order to create economic wealth. The entire economic superiority of America can be attributed to two things, its embracing of capitalism & slavery. Do you really think Americans are smarter than everyone else? Especially when your educated system trails that of the developed world.

    My point is the U.S. has been corrupt from the beginning but your citizens are too brain washed to realised it.

    Now this reporter maybe innocent or he maybe a CIA spy. The point is you didn’t concede for one moment the possibility that the man maybe guilty, you immediately attacked Iran. That shows you lack free thought & you have bought the lie your nation has sold you.

  3. Wow. Two of the stupidest comments I have ever received on the same post, and they are both on opposite sides of the issue. Congratulations, gentlemen, that’s a special kind of achievement.

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