Whining conservatives comparing themselves to Rosa Parks and MLK is just too much for my stomach to take. Can anyone explain to me exactly what these crybabies are complaining about, anyway? I’m having a great deal of difficulty seeing how they are suffering under the moral equivalent of Jim Crow.


So, I was making the new thing for the poems and on the wordpress mainpage I see this:

Is that douchebag ACTUALLY WEARING A CLOAK!?!?!?!

This guy totally plays D&D in his mom's basement.

Believe it or not, the ‘Hawt Post’ linked to is actually 10 times funnier than that dude’s picture. This ‘event’ has 223 slogans and counting. That may possibly be the best slogan of them all, actually: ‘223 slogans and counting’.  Tomorrow, a relative handful of misinformed and angry people are going to incoherently wave signs for a while. Hopefully, this will make them feel better. The problem is that it is really irresponsible to whip people up when we’re in rough economic times, especially if the race buttons are being pushed. Funny enough, I’m in agreement with the Department of Homeland Security. These really are interesting times…

3 Responses to “Teabaggers=Douchebaggers”

  1. ok – call me juvenille but Teabaggesr as a name for a grassroot movement? Do they even know what they are referring to? Why is it that conservatives never get these kind of references. I thought I was going to laugh my ass off. Now I want to attend a “teabagger” party. Do I have to bring one dollar bills and handy wipes?

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