Thought for the Good Friday

Kenny, every moment of life can be a prayer if we are living mindfully aware; I think that’s what guys like Jesus and Buddha were doing. They were perfectly egoless and totally aware of the world around them; they could not be surprised or tricked. Jesus not only anticipated the betrayal in Gethsamane but had no doubts as to how His acts would provoke the Priests or how the justice of Rome worked. The leap of faith is the finest prayer one can make; a single irrational act of love without regard for personal gain can miraculously transform the world.
Have a nice day. I’m going to go look at paintings.

4 Responses to “Thought for the Good Friday”

  1. Such grand idealism.

  2. grand idealism? How lovely…..

  3. I prefer it to petty cynicism…

  4. Me too!

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