It’s Monday (slither down the greasy pipe)

This is heartbreaking. I had lunch there once. It is a beautiful little city. 

There’s no connection between Glenn Beck and Pal’s deranged ranting and the uptick in right wing nutjob violence, and you’d be a fool and a communist to make one. I mean, really, when you listen to right wingers these days, you would think that Obama is just entering his third term after having just enacted mandatory gay marriage for all males over 18. I mean, if lefties had been talking this much about armed revolution three months into Bush’s first term I think I would have remembered that. I guess the difference between the two is that the left tries to understand the right, while the right just wants to eliminate the left. Consider the kinds of things the American Right Wing accuses of being the secret agenda of the Left, and tell me that I’m wrong. Of course, it is possible that conservatives have by now figured out that they can say any ridiculous they like and still get elected to Congress, so there’s little chance of them mending their ways anytime soon. It looks like Richard Poplawski, the thug who shot the police officers in Pittsburgh, was a member of Stormfront, a white supremacist organization. When the left was out of power, we organized and figured out how to run elections. When the right is out of power, they fantasize about revolution and gunplay.  Show me who you go with, I’ll show you who you are. 

Busy weekend. Gramma’s furnace broke, naturally, as it snowed pretty heavily last night. Did detail work on some paintings, cleaned the house, re-hung some art. Ordered tickets for the opening of the Illinois Holocaust Museum. I would have been interested in going in any case, but my recent encounters with a Holocaust Denier have made me decide to make more of an effort to be involved in this sort of thing. 

Gotta run. Going to go get my eyes dilated.

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