I still like Mike.

And here come the Cylons…

It’s funny, the reason I’ve been annoyed with Michael Moore is completely different from most. When I saw him in 1998 or 99 in Madison his big thought was that lefties should get engaged in the political process and become the core of the Democratic Party instead of complaining and going on Quixotic escapades. Then he backed Ralph Nader in 2000. He was one of the nitwits who said Al Gore was exactly the same as George W Bush. I know. It’s so frakking hard to even type that without laughing, I can’t tell you. Jeebus. Anyway, I was much less enthusiastic about hearing his opinions on things after that. I still saw his films because that’s what he actually does well, but I always held in mind that he looked at Gore and Bush in 2000 and saw twins. Even if it was just something said in the heat of a political contest, even if he thought that it wouldn’t really effect the outcome of the election, even if he acknowledged those things, it doesn’t matter, my estimation slipped. Despite my aversion to easy caricature (they’re both fat, if you hadn’t noticed) Moore is kind of a left wing version of Limbaugh and by that I mean no disrespect to Mike. Limbaugh huddles in isolation able to weave his own rationalizations of reality without any accountability, Mike puts himself in the middle of it and confronts the people he’s actually in disagreement with. He documents the actual happening on film and faces far more scrutiny than most journalists. When Rush isn’t claiming to be the de facto head of the Republican Party and wants to dodge any kind of serious responsibility, he shrugs and claims that he’s just an entertainer. Moore makes very entertaining films about serious subjects.  Of course, he has the final cut and shows you what he wants you to see, but then, doesn’t Rush tell you only what he wants you to hear? Doesn’t anybody? What is objectivity? That’s kind of why I really liked this post from Mike. It’s a return to form for him; he’s writing about what he knows best.

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