Listen to What the Glower People Say

A conservative speaks lucidly for a change. But then almost immediately backtracks when his wingnut brownshirts turn on him. The problem with getting people all heated up with inflammatory lies is that cooling them down with the truth is very difficult. Horowitz never shied away from demagoguery in the past, so it’s kind of odd to seem him try and put the brakes on the Obama Derangement Syndrome we’re seeing amongst the right wing. But then, unintentionally hilarious hypocrisy seems to be specialty of our right wing brethren. Especially when they accidentally tape themselves. And to take us out, Jonah Goldberg rants about freedom of speech. See if you can find his point. He seems to be defending political slander and libel as free speech, but then, what do I know?

4 Responses to “Listen to What the Glower People Say”

  1. The Prof Says:


    The glower people can glower all they want–my new home state (Iowa!!) just essentially legalized gay marriage. The Republicans in the legislature do not seem to be inclined to challenge this.

    Ha-haaaaaaaaa! When the glowers lose in Iowa, you know the tide’s-a-turnin’.

  2. I loved that the Iowa Supreme Court voted this way. I mean isn’t Iowa one of the most conservative states? Hopefully, our governor will cave on vetoing our gay marriage.

  3. The Prof Says:

    Actually, Iowa’s turning bluer by the year. Traditionally it’s a conservative (read: blue-collar) Democratic state. We have one Senator from each party, both of whom are popular. We also have some pretty solid environmental laws on the books (the county where I am literally has the cleanest tap water in the nation), and the state as a whole seems to have very high standards for education. In some ways it’s more consistent than Illinois (where I’m from originally), where you have the urban Democrats, the moderates from the west and north-central region, and the crazy religious-right conservatives from Springfield on down.

    The weird thing is, I actually teach at a Catholic liberal-arts college, and nobody was especially upset about it. In fact, many seemed happy.

    I can see the change a’comin’…

  4. I couldn’t agree more. It’s punctured equilibrium in action. For the past eight years and more there’s been all this progressive energy and thought building up but it’s been dammed by conservatives. Now the conservative dam has crumbled and the ensuing flood will reshape the river. It’s going to be a very different country very shortly. Ride the wave.

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