Afternoon Delights, Amusements & Distractions

I was discussing last night’s Lost and this short story came up. It’s very funny if you haven’t read it. And considering some recent Teahouse topics, makes it a timely diversion. Also, last night’s Lost was amazing.

Also, I can’t decide which t-shirt I like better: Raptor Jesus or Cthulu Loathes You. They are both amazing.

Was going to go to the Art Institute with Julia but the plan shifted and we’re doing that this weekend. This afternoon will be spent at a matinee of the Watchmen. I’ll let you know what I thought of it later.  

Finished a new piece last night: The Giddy Ecstatic Joy of Freedom. I like it. I hung it in the stairwell just underneath The End of the New Testament.

4 Responses to “Afternoon Delights, Amusements & Distractions”

  1. just read the short story in between readings for class. Marvelous! thanks for the diversion and thanks to the author!

  2. *lalalalallallalaalallalalalalalllaaa! can’t hear you!*

  3. at least until sunday, or unless i download it. what did you think of watchmen?

  4. Holy crap, it was so good. Guh.

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