Anticipating Lostmas…

I dunno, this just seems goofy to me. I mean, why do you have to go someplace special just to take your clothes off? I’m typing this naked right now…   😀

I think the solution is more classwork and less homework. But then there’s less instruction time…

Party poopers. If you want to clear guests out of your house at the end of a party, start droning on about how life begins at conception and how a congegration of five undifferentiated cells is exactly the same thing as human being. It’s more effective than playing The Carpenters at 2 am.

Multiculturist approaches make more sense than ‘colorblindness’. ‘Colorblindness’ is telling people that ‘we’re all going to be just like white people’ while ‘multiculturalism’ means ‘we are all people’. At least, that’s how I see it.  

An interesting debate. I know where I come down on it. How about you?

Remember That Guy? Media talking heads apparently can’t.

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