Money, Childbirth, Science & Shakespeare

What an asshole. But then, he’s Larry Kudlow, and he’s on CNBC.

Personally I cannot fathom why anyone would take a pass on the hospital in this situation, but hey, it’s your life. Of course, it’s the baby’s life, too, but it’s not like being in the hospital guarantees everything will go perfectly smoothly, either. In any case, I found this to be very interesting and imagine some of you might as well.  

Sad to say I’m not surprised. If people understood science better, it would be that much harder for Rush Limbaugh & Pals to whip them into the various idiot frenzies they do. It’s kind of hard to be an ignorant racist and understand biology at the same time.

Haven’t read his book yet, but at this early juncture I call bullshit. While it would be lovely to have new Shakespeare plays and I haven’t read this guy’s book yet (admittedly, it has an awesome title, ‘Enter Pursued By a Bear’.) it strikes me that if he had read piles and piles of dusty old folios and decided that none of them were ‘lost’ Shakespeare works he would have had a much less marketable book on his hands.

2 Responses to “Money, Childbirth, Science & Shakespeare”

  1. mmm. there will be a film of david tennants hamlet in teh next few months apparently – i would have sold one of my kidneys (meh, it’s not like you need both…) to e able to see this live, so the filming pf the production is just yummy and very much anticipated.

    oh, very incidentally, i saw watchmen finally, and i’m up to date on lost, so feel free to elucidate. i will also *start* BSG next week (on your recommendation…) and delight that i have four seasons to enjoy (if it’s any good that is!:p)

  2. Ysy. I would be curious to see his vision of it. I never tire of hamlet.

    i’m going to see watchmen this week, i promise!

    bsg-guh. be sure to start with the initial miniseries. it goes so many places.

    lost. it’s like the first four seasons were just exposition. I don’t even know if I can speculate because I’m enjoying the ride so much. With every season they’ve managed to take us someplace completely unexpected but utterly natural in terms of the development of the plot. gotta run.

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