5 things about Tuesday

Yes, sir! (salutes crisply)

Go Vermont!

Republican Michelle Bachmann apparently thinks she’s at war with America or something. 

Dahlia, you were saying?  I think that’s just part of the nature of the beast. Progressives tend to be more reflectively self-aware and prone to self-criticism. The downside is that it can be paralyzingly self-conscious, but I don’t think Obama will let himself fall into that trap. It seems to me that he learns from his mistakes, listens to the wise voices and keeps track of what the ignorant ones are saying.

This is not good. This is why the lunatics who try to muddy the water with their crazy hate are so dangerous. The possibility of any rational solution shrinks to irrational proportions when IDF soldiers are boldly mocking their casual murder of pregnant women. These are the sorts of things we are supposed to never forget.

10 Responses to “5 things about Tuesday”

  1. rats *arse* i can’t get into salon. was it that i was generally right? or generally wrong? i can cope with either!

  2. Of course that you were right! Turns out conservatives are a bit neurotic about ambiguity. Who knew?

  3. we are a wonderous place and a wonderous people. 🙂

  4. a wondrous people who are having a bit of insomnia, apparently. or are up carousing?

  5. Vermont had it right with “civil unions” making a compromise that would pass both sides of the issue. But, this is better. Hopefully, It will continue and pass fully. It still has a couple hurdles before its done.

  6. I think it’s better because under Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution, other states have to recognize them. And legislating the issue is probably harder for people to argue with than judicial fiat.

  7. Agreed. And that is how the dominoes begin to fall in our favor.

  8. That’s also why I would like to see the Right to Privacy codified into the Constitution as its own amendment. Roe V Wade is a stitch that is being strained in ways few judicial decisions ever are; I mean, it’s been nearly forty years and they’re still tearing at with every reasonable hope of shredding it. If that comes to pass, it’s not just women who will lose the rights to their very bodies. If the government can interfere with pregnancies then there is no aspect of any of our lives that they cannot meddle with.

  9. I think that it has been evident forever that the government can interfere in our lives at a whim. Whether it be taking land you own for “public use” or taking away your pay which you worked for and maybe even favorably negotiated for even if you did try to take the company down. They get a hair up the back side and its off to the races removing your rights and infringing on your pursuit to happiness.

    The powers of government continue to grow out of control because of what they claim is in the public good. Whether it is fear of terrorism, fear of being poor, or anything else they wish to create. I am not saying that terrorism isnt real or the economy doesn’t need to be fixed, but I do believe to some extent they use fear to expand their reach into our lives beyond what is just necessary. There is no true reform. There is no person strong enough to be part of the system and change it. Eventually, the politics will win.

  10. I think the thing to hold in mind is that we are the government; the idiots we went to high school with, the morons who got drunk with us in college, the fools who we work with, all of these people are ‘the government’. The other thing to hold in mind is that the first thing we would have to do after getting rid of the government would be to set up a government. So, the way I look at it is that it’s better to deal with the devil you know. Especially when the devil you know is the best system of government ever developed by humans. This government continues to grow because we do; there are over 300,000,000 people living the US and the government of the 13 colonies would not be sufficient for our administrative needs.

    Ack. Gotta run.

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