Show Me Who You Go With, I’ll Show You What You Are.

“At the beginning of the Great War, or even during the War, if twelve or fifteen thousand of these Jews who were corrupting the nation had been forced to submit to poison-gas…then the millions of sacrifices made at the front would not have been in vain.”
-Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

“… in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”
—Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf

“Show me who you go with, I’ll show you what you are.”
-Gramma Delgado

1. Regarding this essay.

A Jezekiah Grasshopper (insectus diabolicus) has been chirping the latest variation of the Nazi Sonota to my Guests. This essay is for their edification, education, and enlightenment as well as to satisfy any questions the Casual Observer might have. I did set conditions upon which I would engage in dialogue with the creature, but it could not comply and instead engaged in a creepy display of sock puppetry.  While the smartest thing to do might be to completely ignore the insect, its casual slander of the unquiet dead in my Teahouse will be swept away.

2. Ilse, She Devil of the SS & the Matter of Lampshades Made of Human Skin

Ilse Koch was called the ‘Witch of Buchenwald’. She was the wife of the commandant of Buchenwald until 1943. She and her husband were so corrupt and twisted that their Nazi superiors arrested them and charged them with embezzlement and murder of the inmates. Their indulgence in depravity interfered with efficiency; apparently Commandant Koch had an inmate doctor and his assistant shot so that they could not tell anyone they treated him for syphilis. The SS found Koch guilty and shot him in ’45. Ilse was acquitted by the SS but captured by the US two months after the Nazis shot her husband. A war crimes tribunal found her guilty and sentenced her to life. After her trial, General Lucius Clay commuted her sentence to four years, saying. “My examination of the record, based upon reports which I received from the lawyers, indicated that the most serious charges were based on hearsay and not on factual evidence.” and that “There was no convincing evidence that she selected inmates for extermination in order to secure tattooed skin or that she possessed any articles made of human skin.” After her release a German court retried her and sentenced her to life in prison, where she committed suicide in 1967. Ilse is the source of any stories of lampshades made of human skin that anyone may have heard over the years, and there is good reason for that; there is physical evidence that tattooed human skin was kept as some sort of trophy by someone at Buchenwald. If one reads Clay’s exact statements, there is no denial that human skin was kept and displayed as a trophy, just that there’s no direct evidence tying Ilse to the procurement or posession of it. That atrocity still occured to human beings, however. It doesn’t take a vast Zionist conspiracy to explain how stories like the human-skin lampshade may have circulated in any case; when real people do monstrous things the stories about them portray them as unreal monsters. Ilse certainly has been portrayed cartoonishly in popular culture so there should be no surprise that some of the stories inspired by her crimes might be exaggerations . In short, there is no remaining physical evidence of lampshades made of human skin, no documentary evidence of lampshades made of human skin, but then, only NeoNazis ever even care to argue about lampshades made of human skin, because only a Nazi apologist would say of people who would display the tattooed skin of their murder victims ‘at least they didn’t make lampshades out of it’.

3. On the Matter of Soap Made From Rendered Human Fat.

See the last sentence of paragraph 2; replace the requisite nouns, then move on to paragraph 4.

4. On the Matter of Denying the Mass Murder of Humans By Gassing.

The documentary evidence for the use of gas chambers by the Nazis is exhaustive; what is more interesting are the stunning similarities of the tactics of deniers, it’s as if they’re all operating out of the same playbook or something. That last link goes to the ‘Institue For Historical Review,’ which is an attempt to give the conspiratorial denials of Nazi wannabes a veneer of legitimacy; if one reads the document linked to they will read one of the voices that our Jezekiah Grasshopper is mimicking; these arguments are  just delusions it caught someplace dirty on the internet and is now trying to spread here. This is not to say that this particular Jezekiah Grasshopper has diminished facilities or even a low IQ; the virus of Nazism spares the brain but kills the soul, leaving an insect pulling the levers inside. This is how the Nazis were able to leave so many documents detailing the mass murder of humans by gassing in such fussy detail while their ideological heirs are adamant on denying it ever happened; it is not a matter of stupidity but a moral void, where there should be a Jiminy Cricket, there is a Jezekiah Grasshopper.  

5. This ain’t rock n’ roll, this is genocide

Holocaust deniers at their most lucid are making arguments as credible as the whackos who told us that ‘Paul is dead‘ based on their careful study of song lyrics and album covers. That there would be no point to keeping up this deranged ‘Weekend at Bernies’ charade for decades doesn’t stop people from perpetuating this ridiculous notion. After all, these are people who think that the way people keep secrets is by putting clues in mass produced pop culture, so it’s safe to presume they’re not particularly sophisticated reasoners. While the acid cases who ghoulishly fantasize about Paul McCartney’s death are a little creepy, the freaks who are fervently dedicated to their campaign to cast doubt on the historical truth of the Holocaust are potentially dangerous. The most toxic elements of fundamentalist Islam are conspiring with neo Nazi and otherwise antiSemitic Western racists to give their demented vision a kind of solidity through their dark solidarity. These are organized whackos, and they have an agenda; this is not a matter of two points of view in honest disagreement. This is why there is no ‘debate’ to be had with these individuals, and why I will not ‘debate’ with them; it is one thing to discuss delusions with a delusional person, it is another thing entirely to argue with them.

6. So what?   

This is not to argue that ‘establishment truths’ are all true because the ‘establishment’ says so; history is not an inflexible tale, either. With the discovery of new information formerly hazy incidents can become much clearer; consider Jefferson’s relationship to Sally Hemmings in the light of DNA tests of their descendants. To distort, ignore, or misrepresent historical fact is not to be ‘skeptical’ or exploring ‘intellectual freedom’, but rather it is deliberate fraud for the purpose of disseminating racist propaganda. While I am not comfortable with the idea of imprisoning someone for exercising their right to free speech, libel and slander are real crimes, and the extent that Holocaust Deniers will go to perpetrate their consciously fradulent arguments calls for something more than simple debunking. In any case, they shouldn’t be given any platform other than one where they are exposed for what they are. Seventy years ago the Nazis were working overtime to murder people based on their own demented notions of racial superiority; today there are people actively trying to erase that memory but keep the demented notion alive. They choose to retell the Big Lie, and that should tell you who they are.

29 Responses to “Show Me Who You Go With, I’ll Show You What You Are.”

  1. Brian Radford Says:

    Gee Winston. I really have got under your skin like the insect I supposedly am! That took a fair bit of cutting and pasting, I am impressed.
    You’re like talking to a bloody wall.
    I dont have the time or inclination to try to change your way of thinking. Nor would I expect you to publish it all in your little blog here.
    I was here for answers: all you have given me are links to ‘official narrative’ websites, a lot of which is fairly easily debunked. Someone with more time than I will (hopefully) help you see the error of you drug-deluded ways.
    Mate, there was no human skin book covers/lamp shades… FFS, there certainly was no soap made from human fat. Let’s just leave it be. As a man of science, all I was asking for was objective EVIDENCE. Not someone saying they remember something. Certainly not one of my patients blatantly embellishing his experience at Buchenwald. THAT was evidence enough for me that this whole thing is one huge bloody HOAX.
    Have a great day, I’ll be sure to stop by (online, not in Chicago, I assure you) one day in the future and see how you are. And if you’re ever in Melbourne (its 9:01pm Tuesday 24th March) feel free to look me up… and no, I’m not the marketing guy. Moron. With love, BR.
    PS: In the mean time, if you want a balanced appraisal of the debate, which was what I was asking from you initially,
    $35 from amazon. Treat yourself. It proves this topic can be debated without name calling. One day, maybe, one day you will grow up. See ya.

  2. Brian Radford Says:

    Eating your own shit is, in a real sense, one of the last taboos in Western civilization. But as we know, taboos never last. They are the product of a given era, of specific social and political forces. When those forces shift, as they inevitably do, the taboo is lifted. Now is perhaps such a time.

    With thanks to Some racist asshole….(I, too, can cut and paste)

  3. I dont think you got that link quite right. Oh Winston, ol’boy. You know I have won. One day you will see. The link is to quite a good book: maybe you should open your bloody eyes, and not believe everything you read in the history books. You’re quite funny how you change what I write. I like that….Knob. Refer also to Dissecting the Holocaust by Germar Rudolf. Treat yourself Winny, ol’mate. Signing off as winner. Knuckle.

  4. On reflection, I am finding it somewhat amusing how you have descended into name calling and such each time I either presented a coherent argument or asked a civil question. Go back over my posts (the ones you haven’t altered) and you will find not one instance of me spouting forth hatred of anyone. You have really disappointed me, Winnie. Never have I incited racial hatred or vilified anyone. You have been the one individual during our discourse to name call and label, all the while dodging questions. If only you were to open your eyes beyond the drugs and alcohol. Beyond that which you have ‘read’ in your history books. I really thought you had a mind for yourself.
    Remember Winnie ol’boy, history books are written by the winners.

    And you have the temerity to call ME an insect….hahahahahahhaaa

  5. Oh, and to prevent further inaccurate accusations about who I am and where I live (and anyone else with whom you do not agree) I suggest you update your little blog here. Surely, there is technology available to identify from which country I am posting, FFS? That was seriously lame, Winnie. Seriously pathetic.

  6. And I have NEVER once mentioned the Holocaust as being a vast Zionist conspiracy, you peanut.
    You said that (or, at least, cut and pasted it) not me.
    Remember, there is a huge difference between Zionism and Judaism.
    Maybe one day, that will dawn on your balding little scone over there in Chicago. Or is it too windy? Come to think of it, I can almost heaar a kind of whistling noise…. like wind blowing through a hollow cavity…

  7. You set conditions to which I complied, yet you say I did not.

    Now, who is the ‘propaganda boy?!’

  8. You say, “The documentary evidence for the use of gas chambers by the Nazis is exhaustive; what is more interesting are the stunning similarities of the tactics of deniers” yet the ‘documentary evidence” is a link to the ADL website? How laughable is that? Quite objective and unbiased, no doubt? You’re not winning me over, Winnie.

  9. Re: Point 3….. “Human soap”

    In 1990, though, Israel’s official Yad Vashem Holocaust center “rewrote history” by admitting that the soap story was not true. “Historians have concluded that soap was not made from human fat.

    Kindly cut and pasted from your link, not mine.

    Obviously, with my day job, I have not had time to pick the bones out of your crud. But, with the kids in bed, now I can afford some mirth and merriment at your very low-rent expense.

  10. Winnie, I am not here to misrepresent ‘history’ but to find a means to analyse it. I am not here to spout hate. I have done nothing of the sort. If you must know, my maternal grandmother was a Jewess. It is not an anti-Semitic action to question aspects of history. You, and several courts identify it as such, but I truely believe this topic can be discussed in an open and mature manner, without the name calling and labels and threat of incarceration.
    Why is this one point in history NOT allowed to be discussed, studied, scrutinised, analysed? Why, under the threat of prosecution, are researchers in some countries not permitted to question aspects of the Jewish Holocaust?
    I think you need to educate yourself about your so-called ‘deniers’ and what they are on about. You have a very blinkered view, Winnie-D. It is affecting how people are perceiving you and how you perceive the world.

  11. Mate, “THE JEWISH VIRTUAL LIBRARY” as a evidence link?
    C’mon Winnie. You’re better than that.

  12. Let your so-called BIG LIE be debated in an open forum, citing scientific evidence and we’ll see which version comes out as the TRUTH. Instead of hiding behind ‘anti semitism’ and ‘inciting hatred’ and name calling and labels and such, be mature enough, be open minded enough to debate this.

  13. Ok, I’m off to bed. Tap soon, Winnie.

  14. hope you had a wonderful weekend, winnie.

  15. thought i’d stop by and see how youre goin’, ol’winnie?
    not much traffic here, mate?
    do you want me to spice things up again?
    maybe start a discussion about Benyamin Netanyahu and his new right-wing government?
    or how he states that Iran is on the precipice of getting a nuclear warhead, despite Tehran’s uranium enrichment program only enriching to power-plant levels (IAEA)
    or that israel, with its policy of nuclear ambiguity, has been able to prevent inspectors visiting dimona for decades as it is NOT a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty?
    oh, and i see that the IDF has cleared their own actions into Gaza of any atrocities…
    just a few mind-clearing thoughts for you this wonderful autumn morning…
    and we can simply join the dots to appreciate that we wouldn’t be in this position if certain myths were exposed…. happy stirring.

  16. Grasshopper;
    Actually, no. My highest traffic day of the past four months was on Monday, for the post where I talked about my latest paintings. I have no idea why this is the case, but it’s the truth. The only traffic I get from you is you, endlessly revisiting the same posts. My readership finds you to be boring and an unpleasant kind of creepy. You alienate people, actually. But you probably knew that because you’re obviously desperately lonely. Nobody reads this thread except for you and me when I check in to make sure you’re not breaking the rules.
    I actually have written extensively about Israel in the past and in no way do I condone Israel’s actions of the past ten years. I disagree with their right wing as much as I disagree with any fascist ideology. That’s why crazy assholes like you are so destructive; the static you throw up makes criticism of Israel more complicated than it has to be.
    I don’t care if you lurk here, I don’t care if you comment here; if you break the rules you will only give me a sense of giddy justification when I put ridiculous things in your mouth. I am not, however, going to engage in any serious discussion with you because it simply isn’t possible; if you can’t understand why, read the previous fourteen things you posted here aloud to yourself. This may be an edifying exercise for you as it will give you a chance to hear what you sound like and who knows where that may lead? I recognize that you are a person who is suffering and offer you what compassion I can, but neither will I enter the water with a drowning man. Any true dialogue between us depends on how honest you are willing to be.

  17. How honest do you wish for me to be, ol’Winnie?
    Please refrain from the insect comments: it has now become beneath both of us.
    I am neither lonely or troubled. Just searching for the truth. And it concerns me that someone as enlightened as your good self finds it difficult to read into history for evidence. I am not pushing a fascist ideology, Winston. I am not defending Nazi principles. I studied for over 13 years, under- and post-grad uni, to achieve my professional position, and I am looking for evidence.

    On April 21, 1982, historians, politicians and former deportees founded an association in Paris having as its objective the research of evidence for the existence and operation of the gas chambers (ASSAG: Association pour l’étude des assassinats par gaz sous le régime national-socialist; Association for the study of killings by gas under the national-socialist regime); one year later, this association had still not discovered any proof [this is still the case today, since, envisioned according to its own statutes for a “duration limited to the realization of its objective”, this association has not disbanded]

    I do not care for anyone else reading my posts to your blog. I would not care if you were to permanently erase these for all time. I entered into your blog as I thought it would provide someone who was willing to discuss these things rationally without name calling or saying that things are ‘self evident’ (a term, for which I have developed a healthy disrespect)
    As I sit here with my 2 and a half year old, cutting and pasting with him (yes, online as well) on this rainy, cold Melbourne autumn Saturday morning, I pause and think….Do I want my child to grow up in a world where things are not as they seem? Where small but powerful groups control what people can and cannot think, say or do? Where a pivotal moment in history has thrown its shadow over all time that has followed? Mate, I’m not here to cause trouble. If that is what you perceive by me entering here and trying to chat, then I cannot do anything about that. If you wish for me to leave, consider it done. I just thought you were someone with whom another could engage in healthy dialogue.

  18. Dear Guests,
    Naturally, ASSAG or whatever looks like an attempt to give legitimacy to Holocaust Denial. A skim of the group’s documents is just more of the typical denialist distortions, fabrications and falsehoods.

    Dear Individual On the Other End of This Conversation;
    It is not possible for us to engage in healthy dialogue as I cannot trust what you say. If you really want to try again some other time with some other puppet, go for it. But I have other things to do and other people who I could be conversing with. You have had more than enough of my time and you have failed to convince me of anything you have asserted and I don’t see any indication that you ever will. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and you have none. There is nothing for us to debate. So thank you for your contribution to the experience and please have a nice day. Go enjoy your excellent, awesome, beautiful life. I’ll do my best with mine.

  19. Your ol'mate Brian Says:

    No worries, Winnie.
    In the same fashion, you have failed miserably to convince me. That’s ok. that’s what makes life interesting. Different people have different ideas and points of view. As long as no one gets hurt (please don’t spout on about me inciting hatred again, I couldn’t stand it) Think of how miserable life would be if we were all forced to believe the same doctrine….Oh, that’s right: that’s what happens in some countries regarding our favourite little topic of conversation…. But I digress…
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter break and good luck with your blog. I’ll stop by from time to time and see how you’re going.
    And I promise to never raise this issue again. Truce?
    PS: My boys say “Hi from Oz!”

  20. Dear Guests of the Teahouse;
    Sorry about the infestation. This is a particularly nasty and persistent bug. The Jezekiah Grasshopper makes it’s host completely deranged with delusions of humanity.

  21. Your old buddy Says:

    For the nineteenth and final time, I am not Jezekiah. I’m being civil, Winnie, ol’mate. You could stop the name calling for starters. Waddya reckon?

  22. […] The murder of one person is a crime against humanity. It is the first transgression against God. The mass killing of a people is an unspeakable sin. To spin caviling falsities that hide it from memory, to whisper calm distortions that shape it into something else, or to scream obscene lies that deny it altogether is to participate in the sin. So tonight I will pray for the soul of whoever the Jezekiah Grasshopper or Brian Radford thinks he is. […]

  23. I too agree that murdering one person is a crime against humanity. I do not believe in a God, so I will make no comment regarding transgression against Him/Her. Mass killing of people is an unspeakable wrong. Just like the Israeli Defense Force invading Gaza over the summer, no? When are you going to realise I am who I say I am? When are you going to provide some bloody evidence?

  24. youre starting to scare me….especially now youre speaking in hebrew…

  25. I think I can hear a megaphone….

  26. Vestiges of the unsavory methods of the O.S.S. can still be seen among the earlier Nuremberg records ­ for instance, at the pre-trial interrogations the defendants were not accompanied by lawyers; and were frequently persuaded by trickery or intimidation to subscribe to testimonies incriminating others which we now know to have been false. The files are full of curiosities ­ for instance anonymous typed extracts of documents instead of the originals, and sworn statements by witnesses like Hoss, commandant of Auschwitz, in which all the ‘witnesses to his signature’ have signed, but not Hoss himself. The Americans also submitted as exhibit 1553-PS a file of invoices for substantial consignments of Zyklon B (hydrogen cyanide pellets) supplied to the pest-control office at Auschwitz; they concealed the fact that the same file contained invoices for identical quantities of Zyklon B delivered to the camp at Oranienberg, outside Berlin, where it was never alleged there had been any ‘gas chambers’.

  27. […] embraced Cain that the words that disturbed you were directed at. As you have surely noticed, some of my readers are delusional with notions of their own superiority and I feel obligated to disabuse them of these illusions. They fancy themselves to be noble […]

  28. […] I said, this is not the first time we’ve heard this sort of deranged ranting. Salon has posted some of his other writings here, if you’re […]

  29. […] about them. I am recounting these here for the lurkers below, folks who might feel sympathy to the terrorists’ views on multiculturalism and Muslims. The simple minds have come unhinged by a fact so big they […]

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