The Grand Parade of Desperate Weirdness

Lily, here’s a story from Ohio sure to warm the cockles of your heart. I never fail to be surprised by the varieties of human experience. I think of what it must be like to sit inside the head of the convicted individual in that above new item and I shudder a little inside. It’s an argument against predestination.

Apparently, some of our countrymen from Southern states believe that Confederate History Month and Confederate Memorial Day are ‘multicultural’ events, and continue to insist that the Civil War had nothing to do with preserving slavery. Texas and Arkansas just happen to celebrate Confederate Memorial Day on the day when the rest of the nation is observing Dr King’s Birthday. Besides, they argue, we have Black History Month, so it’s only fair to have a month to reflect on the glory that was the Confederacy, isn’t it? So, obviously, this has nothing to do with race. Just like how people who deny the facts of the Holocaust are totally not anti-semites. (For the clarification of the Casual Observer, this is sarcasm.)

Then there’s this. Ew.

2 Responses to “The Grand Parade of Desperate Weirdness”

  1. Ugh. She needs to be in prison, not a hospital. All sociopaths do in treatment settings is victimize the vulnerable.
    Working with people who have psychopathy traits can be exhausting and depressing. That’s why I’m all for mandatory counseling for law enforcement and corrections officers.
    However… working with the truly mentally ill can be delightful because they can get “better” (ie: more functional) and despite everything still contain all the different and beautiful aspects of humanity!

  2. It’s difficult to grasp how relentless mental illness can be; as soon as any ‘progress’ is made the disease is working out how to undo it. The crazy doesn’t rest or reconsider, it just keeps pushing its mad agenda forward. Sometimes I can’t help but imagine it as a demon posessing a victim because madness has its own distinct personality traits and desires. The main thing the demon wants is to be left in posession of the person; it’s uncanny how one of the things it is best at is talking someone out of seeking treatment. It’s like having a tumor that stops you from going to the doctor. Listening past the noise to the person underneath can be very difficult but when you do make contact it is a very special moment that makes all the effort worthwhile.

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