What a Frakking Glorious Run

It’s a show about what happens after the End of All Things, about carrying on after the whisper of hope dies in the dark, about the days after the last gleaming of twilight falls. Television isn’t what it used to be. The generations raised on the Twilight Zone and Star Trek, who were sparked by Star Wars and Superman, yet still have a taste for Shakespeare, the Bible and the Rest are making television and movies and art and it is glorious to behold.

There are uncountable poets, singers, storytellers and artists alive today, more than at any other point in human history. Certainly, most of them aren’t particularly inspired in the execution of what they do regardless of whatever enthusiasm they may feel for their particular aesthetic pursuits, but they are still there. Entire audiences are full of critics and wannabes hungry to dissect the cadaver of the meta-art rather than simply enjoy the meal the artist prepared. It is a measure of the luxury in which we live our lives to consider how deeply we consider our diverting entertainments and the solemnity with which we treat our aesthetic pursuits.

I cannot deny that I have fanboy tendencies; the first time I wept watching a movie was when Mr Spock died in Wrath of Khan. I also remember crying at the end of Dancer in the Dark. I expect I will cry when Laura Roslyn dies on the television tonight as I will gasp when we find out that Starbuck is the hybrid daughter of the boxed #7 Cylon. In any case, I have high hopes that there will still be life to be found after everything has ended.

POSTSCRIPT, 11:09 PM 3/20/09
How utterly satisfying. It certainly beat the hell out of an Ewok barbecue.

2 Responses to “What a Frakking Glorious Run”

  1. The Prof Says:


    Stunning. Just stunning. Aurora wept. (Hell, I did too.) The last few minutes comprise one of the best TV series endings yet done.

    I doubt anyone has the cajones to do a show like this again any time soon. The good word on the horizon is the prequel spinoff (Caprica, which I’ll give a chance), and the forthcoming live-action Star Wars TV series. George Lucas has stated he’d like it to be dark and desperate in tone, like BSG, which means two things: 1.) It’ll be awesome, and 2.) George Lucas watches and likes BSG! (ironic, since he sued the original showruners for copyright infringement).

    This is actually the very first time I’ve watched every episode of a TV show in first-run from the beginning. And it’ll probably be the last. But I’m glad to have been on-board from the start.

    Blessed be…

  2. It’s still occupying my thoughts today. And I just got something this morning-Adam, Lee & Kara=Father, Son & Holy Ghost?

    Damn. It was just so…


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