Leave the jokes to the pros, Mr. President.

Mocking handicapped people is the lowest form of humor. Even if one is being self-deprecating, the deprecation of the disabled is implied. I’m not one of those rubes who longs to have his President be a simpleton that will drink beer with him or a down-home yokel who says ‘shucks’ and giggles at himself  after he farts in church. I really don’t need my President to be one of the clowns who caper on the television to keep mouthbreathers entertained. What I want is a President who will do his job and leave the jokes to the professionals.

If you think it’s funny to call someone retarded, two things are true: A) you are not funny. B) you are not very smart. This isn’t a matter of ‘political correctness’ or ‘sensitivity’, but rather a truth I can prove with a slide rule and an Etch-a-Sketch.

I’m on board with this campaign.
Wow. Me n’ Sarah Palin agree on something. Whaddya know? Strange times, kiddies, strange times. And it kinda chaps my ass. Mr. President, you have managed to annoy me.


6 Responses to “Leave the jokes to the pros, Mr. President.”

  1. What wasn’t widely reported that before the episode even aired, the president called the CEO of the Special Olympics and apologized profusely. The CEO called the president’s apology “moving.”

    Also, the President did not intimate that his bowling skills would qualify him for the Special Olympics, he was reacting to Leno’s somewhat patronizing applause.

    Yes, it was a stupid thing to say, but it is nice to have a president who acknowledges his mistakes!

  2. one of the many things that i love about you is our preparedness to be disappointed. you were so happy on election day – it’s comforting to see you ‘accept’ anything that you don’t agree with and not be challenging or accepting just because your bloke won.

    of course Hillary wouldn’t have done that. (*cough!*)

  3. And that’s all good; one of my favorite things about this President is that he quick to admit error. Maybe the upside to this is that people will finally start to get that it is not cool to use handicapped people for easy punchlines. I’m not a PC Prude; I love South Park for the jokes involving Jimmy and Timmy because those characters are not punchlines. They’re both as human and ‘real’ as any of the other kids on the show.

  4. D-
    I was wandering around in the middle of posting the above and didn’t realize you were passing through. So, that makes me feel like a dork for posting this item. If we ended up erasing ‘retard’ as a casual epithet that would really be dandy. It’s like this guy turns shit into roses just by looking at it. I can understand why his political enemies are left so maddened and infuriated by him.

  5. D-
    And besides, I’m not going to apologize for his ignorance or whatever. I finally saw the actual clip and I’m freshly pissed off! It’s not like he’s a monster or anything, he was just making the kind of thoughtless comment that people everywhere make everyday without getting called out on it. He, of all of us, needs to be called out on it; it’s a crazy but brilliant coincidence that he made this sort of gaffe less than a fortnight before the Special Olympics was having an awareness day on the subject, but that still doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve me shaking my fist at him for a minute. I’m just hoping that it does result in us being more compassionate to people who often cannot express themself with the facility that their feelings deserve; what one will find if they learn to listen is an eloquence that can be as joyful, heartbreaking, or wise as anything found in Shakespeare.

  6. Very annoying yes!! But I’d still have a president that has occasional slip, admits it, apologizes, and attempts to make it better because he/she actually cares: “Shriver noted that President Obama and his administration have shown their commitment to be strong advocates of people with disabilities by designing programs to improve the lives of Americans with disabilities and special needs.”
    As opposed to superficial niceties while slashing funds and needed legislation: http://www.c-c-d.org/press_room/FY08-budget-ccdpress-release.pdf

    I’m not defending the comment, just saying ‘show me the money!’

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