The Pathos of Spacebat

So, yeah, this thing on Spacebat was cool, no doubt. But it made me think about the uncomfortable fact that bats may be dying out. It seems a fungal infection may be the culprit, but we may never know exactly what happened as it is happening so fast. And thinking of that filled me with a sense of impossible loss and absurd irony; I saw myself wearing a Batman t-shirt laughing at a comic which showed a Neanderthal wearing a t-shirt with ‘Mammothman’ on it, and then zooming out from that to reveal that I was in a comic book that is being chuckled over by a bald guy in a silver jumpsuit with a picture of a robot on it, and then zooming out to reveal the bald guy in the robot’s comic book. Suddenly, Spacebat’s action took on an air of omen, of weird metaphor, of the non-fictional foreshadowing that reality confounds any author to match.

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