Lostmas *cough* (sniff)

Bleah. I’m sick. From this morning’s PA Bulletin:

The crazy is widespread. Not only is Beck being recklessly paranoid, he is cheapening the memory of actual victims of genocide. Nice.

Spider Man for reals.


Yeah, that’s justice

There’s no connection between not having a gun and not shooting somebody and having a gun and shooting somebody, and you would be a fool and a communist to make one. -Bill Hicks

4 Responses to “Lostmas *cough* (sniff)”

  1. is today lostmas all the way over there? I don’t get lostmas until Sunday ) I am now fully up to date and cannot wait for next episode!

  2. Yes, here in the States, Lostmas falls on a Wednesday. At least this season it does. I promise no spoilers here until Monday. How difficult it must be for you to avoid that sort of thing after we have an episode air! Our last-ever BSG airs this Friday and I am all a-squee over it. I will post my predictions before then…

  3. Winston et al…

    Glenn Beck isn’t so much crazy as he is mindlessly, dangerously stupid. I wonder how many people are actually watching him just to see the crazy, as Colbert and Stewart and Olbermann have highlighted it so often. (When even Shepherd Smith makes fun of you, you’ve failed spectacularly.) He is by far the dumbest person I’ve ever seen on TV–on CNBC or Headline News or whatever it was, he seemed at least to be on his meds–now…whoa.

    My predictions for BSG: we’re gonna cry.

  4. Yeah, it’s striking to me how someone who is sitting in a television studio where the ‘news’ is allegedly being broadcast can be so profoundly ignorant. It’s like being able to starve in a grocery store or die of thirst in a rainstorm; it takes a special kind of willful ignorance to be as stupid as Glenn Beck.

    BSG is gonna punch us in the soul. I think Starbuck is the hybrid offspring of the boxed 7th Cylon and her scary mom.

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