Thank God we have a Government

Kenny, check this out. That is just too cool. I got a little emotional at that. Seriously. I love how our favorite President keeps giving us little surprises. ‘Thank God we have a Government’ indeed. Eat that, Rush Limbaugh. Nice shout out from 1861, Jonathan Dillon. I think 2009 needed to hear that message, actually.  

I haven’t been writing a lot about contemporary politics lately for several reasons. One of which is that I am just so staggered by the irresponsibility of Limbaugh and the tattered remnants of the Republican Party that I really don’t even know what to say about it other than ‘are you frakking serious?’ Also, when I read the headlines I crave nicotine and whiskey so I don’t read the headlines so much…

But then I see headlines like this and I wonder if the guy writing the polls at CNN is high or what:

Is this really a 'yes/no' question?

Is this really a 'yes/no' question?


Dahlia, I got your lovely letter and started to respond but was interrupted and lost it and will try again tomorrow morning. Also, I’m actively working on my next chapter of the dorky Star Wars novel! It is just for you.

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